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Welcome to Thread Bear Fabrics!  We have a great variety of quilting fabrics, wide backs, and Pre-Cuts. In addition, we carry a wide selection of threads (quilting and embroidery), notions, kits, books and many other items. Our fabrics are priced by the yard, but you can purchase as little of 1/2 yard of any print.  Our store inventory is over 20,000 bolts with about 1/3 of our inventory on line.  So we invite you to sit back and browse and enjoy the shop.  If you don't see what you want online, give us a call and our friendly staff will be glad to be of assistance.

We hope that if you're in the area, stop at our Store in Cumming, GA. Click on the About Us/Directions tab for a map link.

We are proud to be a participating shop in the 2014 Row By Row Experience.  We look forward to seeing everyone this summer!

Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.

Randy & Janet

Just a note to let you know that we are offering $5.95 max shipping charges now for U.S. orders.  Just a thank you for all of our on-line customers.


Fab Shop Hop Hints!!
1.  Hop'n to find out what's going on new in the shop? - the bunny will mark the way
2.  Randy ramblings are in extreme and it's not just about new fabrics and store events if you know what I mean
3.  If you scroll high and low, you'll never find another quilting view as warped as Randy's, but if you hop'n to find the bunny's space, you'll have a smile upon your face.
Note:  Some customers are reporting seeing "red lines" where the bunny logo is supposed to be.  This is a browser issue.  The Internet Explorer browser must be at least 11.0 to see the bunny, but if you see two red lines, click  between them to follow the "found it" link. The other option is to try using a different browser. Thanks to the Fab Shop Hop staff for helping identify this issue.

Note:  To our customers that use Apple products when placing an order.  Our website provider has advised us that there is an issue for customers placing larger orders when using the Safari browser  This software and the site software has compatibility issues when a large numbers of items are placed in the shopping cart.  The cart will empty without notice and cannot be retrieved.  The recommendation is to place multiple orders with fewer items in the cart or use a browser other than Safari.  (The problem has been reported with cart value of $140 - $175.)  Since I have a maximum $5.95 U.S. shipping rate, I will issue you a refund for the additional shipping charges paid for orders placed on the same day.  Please feel free to place a note on your order and I will look for other orders. 

New Arrivals: Illustrations 2, Silvia's Sonnet, Be Jolly

Sew Ins!

1st, 3rd & 5th
10 am until

Thursday Evenings
6:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Come and enjoy fun and fellowship!
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