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About Us

Thread Bear Fabrics, LLC is a family owned and operated quilt shop that sells quality fabric and embroidery threads. I was raised in a home where store bought meant buying a pair of shoes on occasion. My mother literally sewed our entire wardrobe until we were old enough to work and buy our own. Then mother started sewing "fun" things like quilts and Christmas ornaments, knitting Christmas stocking, and learning to tat. Up until her death she loved to dabble with her designs. She was a wonderful inspiration and guidepost. One of the lessons she has taught me over the years is that we have the ability to dream, achieve, and be successful as well as have the ability to celebrate the highs and overcome the lows of one's life. Thus, the reason for our store.

After over 30 years in the corporate jungle and the unexpected death of my oldest son, I found my life was like a quilt project that I set aside to finish at a later date. Then after more than a year and still not moving forward in my life, I decided I needed a project. I turned to my love of sewing and quilting and decided to start my retirement job early and opened Sew Originals & Bead Unique as an internet only shop.

2010 brought many changes - we've changed our name to Thread Bear Fabrics, LLC and our brick and mortar store is now open. My husband Randy, my children, Jaime and Joseph, and our valuable employee Tina assist me with the store. We work hard at trying to make your shopping experience a pleasure. Please let us know how we can help or if there are items that you would like for us to carry. We plan to continue to grow and expand our product line. We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you create treasures that will inspire. May you find a blessing in everyday. Janet

Our Staff
Jaime – The daughter.  Although, still young she has traveled and experienced cultures and lands the world over. Somewhere while trying to satisfy her wanderlust, she managed to squeeze in a degree in fashion design and a masters degree in business.  She is fluent in French, has custom designed both fabric and wearing apparel, interned in New York in fashion design market, assists with our Facebook page, and is instrumental in design and layout of virtually all aspects of the business.  She is a delight to speak with, “spot on” (her term) with color, has varied interests in everything from art to crafts to construction.  Jaime is currently satisfying her wanderlust and is traveling abroad.  She still assists with some of the technical details of the shop at a distance.
Joseph – The son and the youngest of all of our staff.  Joseph has a unique perspective, and a great memory.  He is a fundamental component in inventory control management and is primarily responsible for product availability on the website. He also proves to be indispensable when it comes to moving fabric.  He is also quite gifted in color, but may not readily admit to this ability.
Janet – Owner. Janet has a family history rich in quilting and sewing.  Born out of necessity with the pressures of corporate America, quilting quickly became pleasure and a time of tranquility.  Janet has a great eye for color and design, and has never seen a piece of fabric she did not love.  Armed with a phenomenal memory, when it comes to fabric, (but she could not tell you where her phone is) she will take the extra step to locate your fabric.  Along with all the business responsibility, Janet is solely responsible for fabric selection and procurement.  She is a very ethical person and always seeks to make business a satisfying experience for all parties.
Randy – Husband. After 30 plus years in the transportation industry, he is an unlikely candidate to work in a quilt shop, plus being somewhat color blind forces him to look for detail and other visual cues.   A warped sense of humor and a very different point of view characterize Randy.  Accustomed to a business environment, he is effective at keeping the business operating.    

Tina  - Tina is an avid quilter and good with color and advice.  While Tina does not have quite the warped sense of humor of Randy, she is quick witted and a joy to discuss all aspects of quilting and life. 




 515 Sawnee Corners Blvd
       Ste 500 Cumming, GA 30040


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