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Policies / FAQ

Basic Information

Our address:

Thread Bear Fabrics, LLC
515 Sawnee Corners Blvd
Suite 500
Cumming, GA 30040
Phone (770) 781-0001

Our mailing address:

Thread Bear Fabrics, LLC
P. O. Box 1874
Cumming, GA   30328-1874

Need assistance?

Call us at (770) 781-0001 or

e-mail us at

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the fiber content of your fabric?
A:  Unless otherwise specified, our fabric is 100% cotton, and unless otherwise specified, comes in widths of 44 -45”.  Our quilt backing fabric and other wide fabrics can be viewed under “Wide Fabrics”.
Q:  Do you carry any other items besides fabric?
A:  In our store, we carry various notions, sewing and quilting supplies, quilting books and patterns along with a wide array of thread;  including embroidery and machine quilting thread .  These will be coming to the website in the near future; however please call us (770-781-0001) or email us at if you would like to add some of the above items to your online order.
Q:  Do I have to purchase a full yard?
A:  No.  Our minimum order is one half yard.  To purchase a half yard, select “1/2” from the drop down tab.
Q:  Are the listed prices per yard or per half yard?
A: The listed prices are per yard, unless otherwise noted.
Q:  How does a yard compare to a metre (meter)?
A:  1 yard = 36 inches = 91.44 cm =.9144 metres.  Likewise, 1 metre = 39.37 inches.
Q:  How do I know how much yardage is available?
A: It will show on the website by clicking on the item and there will be two drop down tabs.  The first is yards and the second is partial yardage.  Please note that this yard may be off due to shrinkage. 
Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?
A:  VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal.  We can send PayPal invoices if you call the store with your order.  Please DO NOT SEND CASH via mail.
Q:  What shipping carriers do you use?  
A: We primarily us the Unites States Postal Service (USPS) for the majority of our shipments.  When it is cost effective we will choose United Parcel Service (UPS) primarily for very large shipments. If you want your order shipped via UPS, please notify us, but please be aware there may be a surcharge.
Q:  What are your shipping rates?
A:   We make every attempt to keep shipping rated as economical as possible. Most of the time this involves using USPS services and products including but not limited to First Class, and a combination of Priority Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes.  You can view the shipping rates during the check out process.  Please note that we do have a max shipping rate, so we absorb the cost of shipping over the Priority Padded Flat Rate Envelope rate for US customers.
Q:  How much fabric can fit into USPS various shipping products?
A: The following table identifies shipping capacity of each container and only applies to regular printed cotton fabric 44 – 45 inches wide (does not apply to wide fabric, flannel, chenille, minkee, wool, toweling, or fleece).
First Class                     
0 - 1 yards 
Priority Flat Rate Padded Envelope   
1.25 – 7.5 yards   
Priority Flat Rate Medium Box       
8 – 24 yards
Priority Flat Rate Large Box        
24.1 – 32 yards                         
Although we pride ourselves on saving you on shipping, please realize the rates and limits are set by USPS, and are not negotiable. 
Q:  How much fabric is available for purchase?
A:  We have over 30,000 bolts of fabric in the warehouse and store combined. If you do not see what you are looking for or need more yardage than the amount showing available, call us. We may be able to assist you as not all the items we stock in the brick and mortar store are listed on line and we also do not list duplicate bolts of fabric on line. 
Q:  What shipping carrier do you use?
A:  We primarily use USPS (United States Postal Service), but when warranted will also use UPS (United Parcel Service). If you want your order shipped via UPS, please contact the store to place your order and for the UPS rate.
Q:  What countries do you ship to?
A:  United States and Canada. 

Q:  Do you insure shipments?
A:  We insure only upon request and require the additional insurance premium to be paid prior to shipment.
Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A:  Most orders are filled and shipped within 24-48 hours after receiving them.  If you are a U.S. customer, your order will likely arrive 5 - 6 business days from the day of shipment.  For international customers, orders may take 2 – 4 weeks to arrive depending on customs clearance.  Our packages with the exception of a few First Class items will have a tracking number.  When we ship a package, we will send you a notification of the tracking number for your reference. 
Q:  Do you combine orders and shipping?
A:  Yes.  We make every effort to make shipping a necessary but economical experience.
Q:  What if my order is too large to fit into any one shipping container? 
A:  We will either use a combination of shipping containers (boxes and or envelopes) or use UPS.  Unless you contact the store to place your order with special instructions, we will use the most economical shipping method.
Q:  Does this mean I may receive more than one package?
A:  Yes. We will notify you should this occur.
Q:  Can I track my order?
A:  Yes.  We will regularly advise you of a USPS tracking number or UPS tracking number which can be used to track your order on their respective websites. 
Q:  Do you ever offer coupons?
A:  If a coupon is offered during a sale, we will include the coupon code in the newsletter.  
Q:  How do I use the design tool?
A:  Just click on the link “add to design wall” under the picture of the fabric.  It will open another window and add the fabric to the design wall.  You can eliminate the fabric by clicking on the “X”. As you shop, simply click on “add to design wall” to add one or many fabrics (mix and match colors or designs and see how it will look before you make the purchase). 
Q:  How do I remove a fabric from the design wall?
A:  While in the design wall, click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the picture of the fabric you wish to remove.
Q:  Can I make a purchase from the design wall and keep shopping?
A:  Yes.  Just click on the green “add to cart” tab.
Q:  How can I get two or more fabric beside each other in the design wall?
A:  While in the design wall, simply click and hold on the picture you want to move, drag it to your desired spot and release the click.
Q: I have a question about your products.  How can I contact you?
A: Click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page on the website or call us at 770-781-0001

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST
or email us at
Q: I have a question regarding a Block of the Month program, Club or Class.  How do I contact you?
A:  Call 770-781-0001 or email us at
Q:  If I am having trouble ordering, how do I get help?
A:  Call us (770-781-0001) or email us (  We can take and process your order over the phone or via email.
Q:  Do you sell wholesale?
A:  Not at this time.
Q:  Do you have more fabric available than is listed on line?
A: Yes.  The inventory of our older fabrics were under listed as we could not update our online inventory due to in sales in our brick and mortal store.  Recently, we are integrated our website and store inventories into one system and the inventory level is automatically adjusted.  We attempt to remove sold out fabrics from the website daily.  We have over 30,000 bolts of fabric in the warehouse and store combined. If you do not see what you are looking for or need more yardage than the amount showing available, contact us. We may be able to assist you, as not all the items we stock in the warehouse and store are listed on line.
Q:  What methods of payment do you accept?
A:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and PayPal.

Q:  Are you a secure site for credit card processing?
A:  Yes.  All of our payments are processed through Rain Retail.  Rain Retail interfaces with banks to facilitate the movement of monies.  We do not maintain any of your credit card information within our site.  Secure site have a lock in the header before the website address.

Q:  If I have a problem with my payment, what should I do?
A:  Rain Retail will send us a message from the card issuing bank regarding the transaction.  Most of the errors for payment rejection is due to the CID code (the three digit code on the back of the credit card).  The primary problem that has been noted is the code is input incorrectly (i.e. transposed numbers, etc).  On occasion your bank may want to verify information with you prior to authorizing the sale.  If you have a problem, please feel free to give us a call for assistance.

Q:  Do you take PayPal payments?
A:  Yes.




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