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"After Mother's Day" Sale

Greetings Quilters, 
We trust all of you had an enjoyable Mother's Day. I heard on the radio you should give you Mom a new SUV so we hope all the mothers received a sparkling new Tesla Model X SUV as a gift or something that at least brought a smile for all those years of sacrifice and devotion. 

Since most of what we ordered did not make it before Mother's Day, this will be considered our "After Mother's Day Sale":

**20% off all interfacing (includes all Pellon products, The Warm Company, Therm-o-Web, Quiltsmart, and others)

**20% Off all batting (includes prepackaged and by the yard)

**Mary Ellen's Best Press Gallons  - $32.99 (Regular price $43.50) in assorted flavors or 33.8 oz for $12.99 (Regular price $14.95).  Sorry this is in store only - we can not ship.

**All Batiks - $2.00 / yard off bolt price

**Quilt Wide Backs - (60" or greater - does not include wide sport fabrics) $2.00 off bolt price, but does includes Minkie or Cuddle products)

**Sew Originals Embroidery Rayon Thread - 50 cents / spool in assorted colors.  (In store only)

**Our Basics - Solids and Blenders - $1.00 off per yard bolt price.

**Books and patterns - 10% off.

In preparation for our June inventory reductions sale, Janet has started marking down thousands of bolts of fabric in the computer (ie price reduction shows on the website) - so if you believe in luck - when you check out - the price you pay may be less than the price on the bolt.
Come see us and stock up for the summer.  

Prices are good until at least Memorial Day weekend.

Note:  Sale prices are reflected in the webstore.


The Bear Essentials

*Memorial Day 5/25/2015 - We will be closed in honor of those who have given their lives for the United States.  We will reopen Tuesday 5/26/2015 at 10 AM. We wish all of you a safe and eventful Memorial Day.   

- Quilts in the Garden -  benefiting White County Public Libraries / 150 Hemlock Lane - Sautee, GA ( 1.5 miles east of Indian Mound off Rt. 17) - Saturday 6/6-2015 10 AM - 4 PM / Adults -$8.00 Kids under 12 - free /Garden Tour, Quilt Show, Book Sale, Art Vendors, and Alpaca Sheep / Rain Date 6/7/2015 12 noon - 5 PM - for additional information please call 706-878-2526.

- Cherokee Rose Quilters Guild Quilt Exhibit / Woodie Fite Senoir Center, 8750 Dorris Road, Douglasville, GA/ Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7, 2015 / 9 AM - 5 PM / Free Parking and Free Admission / part of the 8th Annual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival/ For more information visit / for Guild information please visit

- Georgia Celebrates Quilts presented by the East Cobb Quilters' Guild June 11-13, 2015 at His Hands Church - 550 Molly Lane -Woodstock,GA /  Details at
- Quilt Fest presented by Misty Mountain Quilters Guild / Union County High School Gym - Industrial Blvd. - Blairsville, GA 30512 / Friday October  10/23/15  9 AM - 5 PM and Saturday 10/24/15 9 AM - 4 PM / Quilt Exhibits, Guild Boutique, Quilt Book & Magazine Sale, Donation Raffle Quilt, Door Prizes, Quilting Supply Vendors / Admission $6.00 / for information, entry rules & forms please visit  

 As the year advances, we will add to this list as information becomes available to us. If you are interested in or plan to attend one of these events please feel free to stop by the shop and pick up one of the event brochures complete with times, dates, and contact information. For additional events  and services pertaining to quilting throughout the state of Georgia just copy and paste the following link into your browser.

*Charity - Thread Bear Fabrics is proud to have donated 318 yards of fabric to The Quilts of Valor Foundation.  For those of you who may have been in a coma for the last decade and are not  familiar with the mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation -  to provide comforting and healing Quilts of Valor  for veterans and military personnel touched by war. In short 10,000 plus volunteers make quilts to award to veterans and active military persons in appreciation and recognition for their service and sacrifice. For more information please visit 

* - Check out our new look and let us know what you think. We welcome you comments and opinions. So far we have comments from "edgy" to "what happened?".  In order to stay in Google's good graces the website had to be "mobile compliant".  So for a fee we stay on Google's search engine, maps, and such, plus our website will now fit on your phone or other mobile device without resizing.
It is a bit easier to navigate with all the information at the top or bottom - no more sidebars. It also allows us to change pictures and featured items without as much fuss as before,  but the really neat enhancement is the links. Hover on a pic and it is like your mouse becomes a Magic Wand. While it will not make you Harry Potter, it will make the pic come alive and cause it to increase in size.  Click on the pic and it takes you to the collection.   

There are supposed to be more enhancements in the future. We will let you know as soon as the are made available to us.

*Thread Display - Janet, believe it or not, is going to part with her Mettler Thread Display Case - of course there is a catch - only because she got in three larger new cases to replace the one she is selling.  So if you want your sewing room to have the look and feel of a quilt shop we can help you out. It will hold a lot of thread (small Mettler spools),  the slots are spring  loaded, and it is sturdy.  It is a great way to keep all those colors neat and orderly,  plus your cat can not unwind all your threads anymore. It is setting on the floor at the check out counter. See Janet for details. By the way, she has permanently reduced the price of all the threads currently in this display.  

*New Aurifil Display - In the corner on top of the check out desk - smaller spools of Aurifill thread for machine quilting.  This is a great size for travel or classes!

*Block of the Month - Garden Tea Party Kits are now available for pick up.  If interested, we are planning to have a sit and sew for this BOM starting in July.  More details will be forthcoming.

Lights – I hear the comment, “I love to touch and feel the fabric” quiet often. As terrific as the tactile sensations are for all of us,  for most of our sighted patrons, seeing the fabric is also a plus.   I was finally able to get Janet to budget for some lights for the batik and solid sections.  

Janet is a real whiz kid with numbers and such. She seems to be able to squeeze rocks into diamonds, but I guess everyone has limits. Yesterday, a customer asked for a collection which Janet did not order. This made Janet glare begrudgingly and intensely at the new lights.  Guess I will be the one changing the bulbs when they burn out.  

*Assistance – Men and women differ in point of view. Janet believes I focus on arcane items and take the path nobody travels.   If you ask me for a cooking tip – I would say – ‘Don’t fry bacon naked”. Probably will not help you to prepare a better souffle, but still in my mind, prudent advice nonetheless (yea, the voice of experience!) - note from Janet - NOT IN MY KITCHEN....must of been his batchelor days as I cannot see his mother allowing this either!

  My point is in the store, I am there to assist you in anyway I can, but I take no offense if you choose to seek someone else to aid you in your selection. Janet, Joseph, Jaime, Stacia,  and Jeannette – all are great with color.  I am sometimes challenged with proper color coordination (color blind), and many times I will ask one of them to help you with the selection process.  In no way does this mean I do not want to assist you. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.  

*Summer Hours -
Starting June 1 our Saturday hours will be changing.  

The new Saturday hours will be 10 AM - 4 PM.

Since the last mail drop on Saturday is now 3:30 PM, the change will still allow us to accommodate our phone-in and on-line customers on the weekends.

The new hours will remain in effect till Labor Day 2015.  

*********New Arrivals**********  

This will very quickly turn into an E-book, so I am just going to take a shoot from the hip approach.  This is what was in 12 boxes just delivered plus lose items we picked up on our recent trip to North Carolina: 

*Frozen - The sisters panel is back.  We had sold out months ago and it has been on back order.

Mary Ellen's Best Press - I suggested they change the name to "Mary Ellen's Love Juice" - since so many people say, "Oh, I just love this stuff."  Unfortunately, I believe my suggestion may have fell on deaf ears - something about "sounding like a marital aid".

At any rate, our shipment is finally here and it is one of our sale items for May. The gallons are regularly priced at $43.50 / gallon - now they are a flat $32.99 / gallon!  We also have the other sizes - the 6 oz pump,  the 12 oz trigger, and the 33.8 oz bottle, but most people seem to want the gallons.  Gallon flavors include Caribbean Beach, Linen Fresh, Lavender Fields, and Unscented.    Janet has a varied assortment of flavors in the smaller sizes.

*Thread Bear Fabrics - Quilt  Shop with Balls – Wait a minute - maybe that didn't quite come out as intended. We have football fabric, baseball fabric, fabric with tennis balls, fabric with golf balls, fabric with soccer balls –  well - you get the idea.

Be sure to check out the new window display in the class room side highlighting baseball.  We have a terrific new collection Who's On First by Bristol Bay Studios for Benartex celebrating the game of baseball – traditional colors with a “vintage” style panel and easy match coordinates.  Makes you want to go home and watch “The Natural”.

While not exactly a phenom, at least, its back!!!!  After many years, lawsuits, (see, and a whole lot of haggling (you would have thought they were negotiating the very idea of free  agency!)  

C-O-T-T-O-N has finally returned to Major League Baseball – and yes, yes we do have it!!  The MLB has restored the licensing of MLB teams on 60 inch cotton (the fleece never went away only cotton) to Fabric Traditions.  We have had this on order for a very long time, and even now, we were only able to secure three teams – the Atlanta Braves, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox. 

Hit a home run with you favorite Little Leaguer – make them a baseball quilt, blanket, sheets, pillow cases, stadium seat cover, or keep-sake board.  Don’t get called - OUT – we expect these to go quickly and although we will reorder, due to the demand, we will go back to “sitting on the bench” waiting for it to arrive.

*Docker’s transparent duffle bags with shoulder strap and cinch – Thick vinyl makes them a great choice for the beach, wet clothes, and towels. Joseph as already claimed one to keep in his truck. 

Remember, it's see though, so  if you stuff it full and take it to the beach; make sure you put that hot pink dental floss thong bikini squashed up against the side facing away from your body – doesn't matter if you can’t wear it anymore – all people have imagination - its your sacred duty to help them develop it.  

*Digital Prints – As technology advances, there are inevitably enhancements in many areas – Fabrics are no exception.  We have a sample of one of the new digital print technology for fabric hanging close to the cutting table in the main store. It is a panel from the collection Fallscapes for Red Rooster Fabrics depicting a fall nature scene.

The clarity and sharpness are most impressive. It is similar to looking at an old analog TV and then seeing HDTV for the first time. The realism is quite striking.   Since Jaime is prone to a bit of  arachnophobia, Joseph is looking forward to the release of realistic digital print spider fabric. 

AAhh, nothing quite like the love between a brother and sister!  

*Avengers – We still have a few panels remaining, and have added a new collage print featuring the super heroes. 

Say, does anyone know what special abilities and or weapons Black Widow has? All I can see is she kicks people, a lot.  People with allergies sneeze a lot - does this make them super heroes? 

Next time I am putting up newly arrived batiks and the dye invades my nose and you hear " AACHOO! ", followed by “Arise mighty avenger! Sever the tendons of tyranny and bring us to consummate victory!” - coming from somewhere in the sea of fabric, we call the main store  - fear not - I’m just practicing – in case the world should ever need a real good supersneezer!  

*Superman – Yep, we now have the Man of Steel on fabric.  

Just a brief thought on the super hero thing. Ever wonder what their best pick up line would be in say an 80's style singles bar. I am pretty sure it would sound as lame as what they say in the comic books.

Maybe something like:

Superman - "Babe, you must be made of kryponite - I feel very weak" 

Wonder Woman - Walks up to a patron throws her Lasso of Truth around them and says, "Wanna be tied up? I'll know if you're lying!"

The Hulk - "Most of the time when I turn green my shorts stay on, but for you I'll make an exception."

Ironman - "Hey baby, you don't need to go to the gym to pump iron - just come home with me"

Johnny Storm - The human Torch (one of the Fantastic Four) - "I'm hot for you."

Aquaman -  "You make me wet."

The Flash - Well, I am just not going there.

*Black Flannel - I know it's pretty much summer and high quality nice nap black flannel is probably not way up there on your wish list, but at least it is now here.  It has been on back order since winter and even if it is now hot, the flannel is still soft.

*Knotty Intensions by Deborah Edwards for Northcott  - I always wanted to master the techniques of inlay and intarsia, but my woodworking skills are on the level of Kidcraft Delux Workbenches with of bright green plastic hammers and pegs. 

With this collection, no sanding, stains, or sealers required. Great panels, three dimensional effects, wood grain, and a truly amazing realistic representation of wood, plus the splendor of intarsia. Anyone that works with wood will like this collection. It has been a real hot seller and has only been in the store a few days. I have already got several board feet for myself.

Slice of Sunshine for Wilmington Prints - If you like sunflowers, then this one is for you.  Big bright yellow sunflowers in full bloom on a green background. It would fit perfectly on the set of the movie "Night of the Lepus."

*Sew originals Rayon Embroidery Thread -

We visited the Shelby Warehouse and have restocked all the colors - the bin and the racks are now full.  At only 50 cents per spool you can even afford to buy your cat a spool.  (In store only)

*Transparent Fabric and Quilt protector bags - We were only able to get a few of the metal framed zip up with handles, but we were able to secure some even larger ones with the capacity to hold multiple quilts. 

*Rulers - We have received several boxes of Creative Grid rulers and templates.  All of us have been busy updating the inventory and listing on line. Check out the black Creative Grid display located dead in in the middle of the store.  More coming soon.

*Fast Cheap & Easy - No this is not my taste in women, (you are listening Janet - right?) but rather my description of Janet's newest CAT quilt kit.

This is not you average CAT - bright charismatic yellow with blades and tracks - when this cat purrs it is with the hum of a diesel engine.  Of course, I am talking about Caterpillar earth moving equipment. Trust me, most kids love earth moving machines - I'm not a kid (at least not chronologically; emotional maturity - well the jury is still out on that) and still love watching bulldozers, steam shovels, and cranes.      

These kits were sooo popular at the March quilt show in Athens - they sold out in 1 day! We have had the fabric on back order since March. Janet has made a terrific sample and plans to put the kits on line and in the store very soon.

If you have young kids or grand kids this is a great fun and easy project - plus the kit includes a coordinating pillow case. Get your name on the list before we run out again.

Row by Row -

Starts in June and yes we are in it. This year the theme is H2O.  Janet solicited my input by asking - "What makes you think water?"

My answer, " Scotch".

Somehow, I doubt she will come up with a design incorporating Glenfiddich Single Malt and Johnny Walker Black, but I am sure whatever she chooses will be interesting.

*Sew Scary by Janet Wicker Fresh for Quilting Treasures - This is a fantastic collection for lovers of Edgar Allen Poe. It's use of bleak backgrounds assaulted with blackened macabre images and sayings really capture horror in the 1800's. For someone that redefined Gothic horror and had a morbid curiosity with death, it is somewhat ironic, the circumstances surrounding Poe's death still remain a mystery to this day.  Maybe his final work?     

If you are thinking of your ex and immurent (burying someone alive like in Poe's The Cask of Amontillado) is probably best suited for an earlier time. These days that Pro Cam you want to place with the victim will surely get you caught!    

Maybe something more appropriate - say a nice gift - a pillow case made from this collection -  everyone likes to sleep on giant dark foreboding owls, witches, rotting fingers, skeletons, dire sayings, and freaky rat heads - or maybe simply just a blue ringed octopus. Either way,  I'm sure you will be remembered for your thoughtfulness.


*Card Fabric - Yes we finally found some.  Alas, it is only poker hands with poker chips.

I looked instead for Coolidge's wonderful images of "Dogs Playing Poker". Never understood why women hate these paintings so much - guys love them - me included. The last one on auction - a cool $590,000 - a true representation of "Man's Best Friend"!

*Fishing and Angler Fabric - two offerings from Elizabeth Studios

- Various trout species on aqua background and fly fishing in a northern stream as bears watch.  

Amazing how the fishing somehow seems to have parallel in the dating world. For example, both fish and women seem to be attracted to small shinny objects. To land the fish you painstaking reel it in being careful not to lose it vs dating, engagement, marriage. I'll stop the comparison here, while I am still ahead. 

*Pre cuts - Includes layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, mini jelly rolls, mini charm packs and fat quarter bundles  - Janet got in several cases and this is only a smattering:

 Bella Solids in mini jelly and charm packs in black, white, blue, red, grey, pink, plus a  new mixed assorted solid color charm pack.

3 Sisters Favorites by Moda - Jelly roll of a unique compilation of  popular fabrics over a wide array of collections designed by 3 Sisters.

Dusty & Vivid -  Fat Quarter Bundles by Kafffe Fassett.

Sticks and Stones Batiks by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda  - Layer cakes / Jelly Rolls.

Ambleside by Brindle Riddle for Moda - - Fat Quarter Bundles, Charm packs, Mini Charm- Packs, Jelly rolls,  and Layer cakes.  (yardage is also in stock)

*Summer Cottage by Gerri Robinson for Red Rooster Fabrics - A bright summer floral cottage collection.

*Aunt Grace Simple Sampler by Judie Rothermeal for Marcus Fabrics  - She's back! Traditional familiar country styling plus a panel. The great thing about this offering is the charming  pre printed blocks.  It opens a new door for creativity.

*Season' s Greetings by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics - Yes, the new Christmas fabrics have already started to arrive. This is traditional winter flare with snowflakes, birds, and holly backed with the greens, reds, whites, with an occasional darker background for accent.

*Arbor Rose by Renee Nanneman for Andover Fabrics - Beige, green, red, pink with - you guessed it - roses.

*Mojito by Skipping Stones Studio for Clothworks - This collection embraces its namesake - the  mojito - the traditional Cuban highball - a blend of rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint  - a blended combination of sweet, refreshing citrus,  plus cool mint, and a shot of rum make this a popular clear summer cocktail. The collection looks better than it tastes and does not give you that awful hangover; with plenty of lime color, highlighted with small designs, plus backgrounds in black, white and grey.

*Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy by Lisa McCue for Wilmington Prints.  A cute and adorable collection with plenty of snow and a storybook panel.   I know it's just now beginning to warm up, but the collections coming in are very cool....

Until next time, we hope all of your projects are successes, and if not, well, just call it creative art (this is what Janet does!)

Best Wishes, Janet+Randy 





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