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"Make Room for More" -Jumpin' June Sale

Greetings Quilters,

Ah, June is upon us. Hot weather, pool parties, cook outs, vacations, wedding season begins, our wedding anniversary, (see Janet I did remember) and Thread Bear's "Make Room For More -Jumpin June " sale.

This is one of only two times per year where we put all bolted fabric on sale - old, new, Christmas, Halloween, backing - you name it - if it is on a bolt and it is made of fabric then it is on sale!

Plus, Janet has added some other items (not fabric) to this year's big sale. As you might have suspected, this is attempt to free up space for -you guessed it - even more fabric.

This is one sale you do not want to miss.  All that fabric which has been beckoning to you  throughout the year,   "Take me home" - now  you can afford to do just that.  

Safer than a singles bar - our "Make Room For More  Jumpin June Sale is effective through  the Month of June.


Make Room For More - Jumping June Sale  

**All bolted fabric on sale (exact amount varies by type, style, age, size and availability). All fabrics are at least $1.00 off bolt price.  For example:

$1.00 off all NEW fabrics
$1.00 off all solids and blenders
$2.00 off bolt price all batiks

$1.00 off all  regularly priced $6.99 and under fabric 
$2.00 off bolt price on wide backing fabrics fabric  (does not include sports fabrics)
$1.00 off bolt price on all sports fabric

  **10% or more off all precuts (jellyrolls, charm packs, layer cakes, bali pops, fat quarter bundles, etc.).

* 15% off of all kits    

**Individual Fat quarters (applies only to  already cut fat quarters in boxes on tables in class room side) 
         +Buy one - five, $2.50 / fat quarter.   
         +Buy 10 or more, they become $2.25 / fat quarter.  
         +Buy 20 or more, $2.00/ fat quarter.  
          (Custom cut fat quarters are $3.00 / FQ)

**20% off all interfacing and stablizers (includes all Pellon, The Warm Company, Therm-o-Web, Quiltsmart products, and others) 

**20% Off all batting (includes prepackaged and by the yard) 

**Mary Ellen's Best Press
        +Gallons  - $32.99 (Regular price $43.50) in assorted flavors
        +33.8 oz for $12.99 (Regular price $14.95).  
         Sorry this is in store only - we can not ship. 

**Sew Originals Embroidery Rayon Thread - .50 cents / spool in assorted colors.  (In store only)

**Books and patterns - 10% off.  

***************Bear Essentials *********

The Bear Essentials 

- Quilts in the Garden -  benefiting White County Public Libraries / 150 Hemlock Lane - Sautee, GA ( 1.5 miles east of Indian Mound off Rt. 17) - Saturday 6-6-2015 10 AM - 4 PM / Adults -$8.00 Kids under 12 - free /Garden Tour, Quilt Show, Book Sale, Art Vendors, and Alpaca Sheep / Rain Date 6 -7-2015  12 noon - 5 PM / for additional information please call 706-878-2526. 

- Cherokee Rose Quilters Guild Quilt Exhibit / Woodie Fite Senoir Center, 8750 Dorris Road, Douglasville, GA/ Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7, 2015 / 9 AM - 5 PM / Free Parking and Free Admission / part of the 8th Annual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival/ For more information visit / for Guild information please visit 

- Georgia Celebrates Quilts presented by the East Cobb Quilters' Guild June 11-13, 2015 at His Hands Church - 550 Molly Lane -Woodstock,GA /  Details at 
- Quilt Fest presented by Misty Mountain Quilters Guild / Union County High School Gym - Industrial Blvd. - Blairsville, GA 30512 / Friday October  10/23/15  9 AM - 5 PM and Saturday 10/24/15 9 AM - 4 PM / Quilt Exhibits, Guild Boutique, Quilt Book & Magazine Sale, Donation Raffle Quilt, Door Prizes, Quilting Supply Vendors / Admission $6.00 / for information, entry rules & forms please visit   

    As the year advances, we will add to this list as information becomes available to us. If you are interested in or plan to attend one of these events please feel free to stop by the shop and pick up one of the event brochures complete with times, dates, and contact information. For additional events  and services pertaining to quilting throughout the state of Georgia just copy and paste the following link into your browser. 

* New Summer Hours in effect - As a reminder we will now be closing at 4 PM on Saturdays and 5 PM on Monday - Friday during the summer months.

* Stacia - Many of you have asked, "Where's Stacia?"  As of late Stacia's absence has been due to medical testing. Subsequently, she has been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. 
Please keep Stacia in your thoughts and prayers. We hope you will join us in wishing Stacia a swift and successful convalescence.  We all miss her greatly and look forward to her return.

* New Arrivals - This is usually quite lengthy, so I am going to limit it to fabrics I have put on the floor this week.  Trust me there is a truck load more than what is listed here.

- Tree of Life by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics - This is just a little bit different from most collections.  It has a number of historical muted colors and prints, but the real star is the Palampore panel. As far as I can determine the term "palamore" means large bedspread or coverlet. While probably not suitable for your average NBA center, a "47 X 87" panel is a quite a bit larger than a table napkin.  

If you like symbolism and history, the this is something that will tweak your fancy. It is a reproduction of a 1775 English hand painted palamore with a "tree of life" motif documenting the stages of life while preserving and celebrating meaningful events of life such as birth and marriage.  Bursting with detail and intricate design work, it begs to be the focal point of a quick and simple project such as a lap quilt or wall hanging.  Reminiscent of tapestries, this panel would look great on your "castle" wall and it is lighter and less likely to rust than that suit of mail your husband wants to buy.
All of the fabrics within this collection compliment the panel. The panel is huge and packaged separately - not on a bolt like most panels - but in a heavy clear vinyl pouch.  
Although this is a new collection, several people have seen it behind the desk and have purchased it.  We have only five panels remaining at the time of this newsletter.

-Let Freedom Ring by Nancy Gere for Windham Fabrics -
Vintage, patriotic, and historical describe this collection of stars, phrases, and emblems. Eagles and flags adorn the emblems with tarnished red, faded blue, and splashes of silver, white and gold. This has a more distressed look than most patriotic fabrics.

Ariana by Williamsburg by Windham Fabrics -
If you like off color blues paired with greens, then this is the collection for you.  Paisley and solids compliment the prints.  Of course my favorite print is the "Outer Limits" design - the squiggly line - right before the guy says "There is nothing wrong with your television set".   I suppose it would work for fabric also - "There is nothing wrong with your fabric ...... we control the vertical ....the horizontal ..... the price....."

Miniature Gathering Backgrounds by Primitive Gathering for Moda - A collection of small prints typically historical and a wonderful choice as a background for a reproduction or period project.

Holidays for Michael Miller - 
Since we are scheduled to send a manned mission to Mars before 2050, and since its going to take about two years to get there; I think they should take this collection along for the ride.  A large collection with bright wild colors bold designs - don't look for the traditional dark reds or forest greens with this one - they left all those back on Earth.   It has familiar images, Christmas lights and such, but all on bright colors - pinks, greens, blues.  Make a table runner with these fabrics - and make a statement - Welcome EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) to my holiday table.

Precuts - Plenty of new layer cakes and jelly rolls plus charm packs.  Way too many to list.  

Let's Play in the Dirt - aka THE CAT Quilt - The kits are now available in the store and on line.  Check out the sample on the wall in the class room side.  For those of you unfamiliar with the kit - Janet designed a quick and easy kit featuring Caterpillar earth moving equipment. 
  Trust me, most kids love earth moving machines - I'm not a kid (at least not chronologically; emotional maturity - well the jury is still out on that) and still love watching bulldozers, steam shovels, and cranes.      

These kits were sooo popular at the March quilt show in Athens - they sold out in 1 day! We have had the fabric on back order since March.

If you have young kids or grand kids this is a great fun and easy project - plus the kit includes material for a coordinating pillow case. Of course, the very best thing is  - during the June sale - the kit is 15% off! 

Now, this is my kind of CAT - cheap, no litter box, no hair balls, no scratched up furniture.

**Row by Row - Janet has finished the row and it should be on display in the shop very soon.  We are still waiting for this year's license tags to arrive.  As a reminder, we still have license tags from last year at reduced prices. They are located behind the checkout desk.  Just ask Janet.  The Row by Row Experience officially begins begins June 21st and ends September 8th. Be the first to bring in a completed quilt using our block and win a prize.   Below is our Row for the "H2O" theme for this year.  Janet has not named the pattern yet (I think she is writing it up now) so if you have any suggestions, I'm sure she's open to all.

Be sure to add our license tag to your collection. As a side note, the rules of The Row by Row Experience actually require you to physically visit the individual shop to participate; hence we are unable to ship the current license tags. 

For more information please visit


Guys seem to name all kinds of stuff - boats, planes, cars truck, computers, hurricanes  - usually womens' names - I heard it said women' names - "because they are so unpredictable" - I venture to say the guy that uttered this is now probably divorced. 

I have noticed most quilters do not name their machines.  I don't really know if this is a question of gender (does it have male or female traits - "Mr. Straight Stitch' or  "Rainbow"), diagnosis ( what type of personality does my sewing machine have -

I feel it has passive- aggressive tendencies - "Angel" or"Destroyer of Desire"), weight (it has to weigh more than I do before it gets a name - maybe "Feather" vs "Two Ton"), or maybe quilters are just waiting for the internet of things to take aim at sewing. 

"Yes quilters, in just a few short years, the Personal Unified Sewing Synthesis (PUSS) will be a reality. Armed with a full body sewing suit, virtual enhancement, sub cranial electrodes, and the unique AI (artificial intelligence)  interface, the PUSS system will take you to new realms of creative productivity. Once the basic parameters are set, JUSTICE (the AI's name) will begin a regimen of training, dialog, and learning designed to help extract your hidden creativity. Far from remaining a concept or fading idea, PUSS will  prompt and encourage you to act on your creative impulses.

Through a series of ever increasing electrical stimulation, not only will the creative juices begin to flow, but to see your creations fleshed out and your projects completed in a timely manner somewhat unpleasant electrical and biochemical motivating initiatives will be administered at the sole discretion of JUSTICE.

So take your sewing, quilting,  and embroidery to new levels - create, evolve, be - buy PUSS." 

Do you want me to put you name on the waiting list?

Until next time - happy stitching.

Best Wishes, 

Janet + Randy




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