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July Cool Down Savings Event

Dear Quilting Friends,
I think that the dog days of summer came early!  I'm not one to try and fry an egg on my car, especially with the current shortage, but I'm sure it would cook well done!  Even when it rains in the afternoon, the heat just rises from the pavement and burns you in the face and oh the humidity! 

I may be from the South and endured the heat all my life, but it just seem hotter than in years past.  I long to return to the mountains of my youth where it cools down in the evening and you can actually sit on the front porch and enjoy the outdoors.  I remember going to the outdoor well and dropping the bucket into the water to fill and when you pulled it up, it was full of ice cold water.  Then, filling the dipper that was always close by and taking a long drink of cold mountain water.  It was just refreshing.  Oh course we did not own a refrigerator at that time so I had never used ice in my drinks before and I cannot say that I missed what I consider a necessity today.  My grandmother had a root cellar and that is where all of the food that had to be cooled was kept.  When she would open the door that lead into the cellar - it was really more of a cave that was in the side of the mountain that was near the backdoor of the house; the room was dark as there were no lights and the air was damp and cool to the skin.  As a young girl I remember the jars lining the wooden shelves inside the cellar.  Today, I'm not sure that I would consider keeping food in such a place, but it was our only resource for refrigeration.  I know this was a simpler time, but we had no air conditioners or fans and at night we were cooled by the air would come into the house from the cracks in the wood planks that made up the exterior covering of the house (this was before my father and grandfather updated the house in the 60s with wood siding).  We always kept quilts on the bed for warmth all year round and during the winter, you were thankful that all four girls slept in the same bed especially when the fire in the fireplace went out (our only heat - besides the body next to you and the quilts!)  I remember many wonderful times, but I just don't remember the heat like we are experiencing today. 

we are tolerating the heat and we have the air conditions running non-stop.  I'm trying to think about Christmas in July, but the heat makes it difficult to think of a cooler season.  So, Christmas in July maybe Christmas in August this year.  I'm still receiving new Christmas collections and just listed some new ones.  I am expecting some more soon and will have them in the webstore as soon as they arrive.  Meanwhile, I will try and start to think of cooler thoughts and maybe my Winter inspiration will arrive with the next Christmas shipment.

Our current sale has all the fabrics and precuts in the shop on sale.  I'm trying to make room for the new holiday collections.  Last weekend I started moving fabric around to start showcasing the new holiday fabrics and I was soon out of room.  I toted fabric from here to there and tighted shelves and to no surprise to many of you, I still do not have enough room.  What is a person left to do?  More fabric has to go, so I adding some fire to the sale and stoking up the sale to make it hotter!  

For the next four days.....

................Friday, Saturday, Sunday (online), and Monday ONLY.....
................July 17th - July 20th only...........

save another 10% off you order by using the coupon code:

                                     Just too hot!

We have the deals to add more heat to July and money in your wallet to help keep the air conditioner bill paid.  I hope you enjoy the July Cool Down Saving Event, but like July, it will soon be history.

We hope you enjoy the extra saving...

Stay cool and until next time,

Happy Quilting,

Randy & Janet




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