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12 Days of Christmas Sale! Finally!!

Dear Friends,
Summer is going out in a roar!  Near 90 degrees today and fall is only days away - I hope this winter does not bring such extremes.

But, while we are thinking cool thoughts, I have decided that we better have our Christmas sale as the season is approaching at a rapid rate.   Most quilters have started (or at least thought about it) their Christmas sewing.  I know we are late with our sale, so instead of changing all these prices in out system, I'm going with a coupon sale.  The sale will start today and last for 12 days - of course!  There will be only one coupon code for all 12 days - so I will make the changes behind the scenes and you'll receive the rewards!

Now there's a bit of chance with this see everyday the sale is on, the percent discount will increase!  The question is - when do you take advantage of the bonus discount?  You can use the discount code as many time as you want during the 12 day sale.  The chance is will the fabric you want still be in stock?

So today (and through tomorrow close), the sale will start off at 12% and everyday through the next 12 days, the sale will increase by 1%. 

So for example, an item is priced at $10.75  in the shop.
  -Day one the discount will be 12% or $1.29  off posted price and this discount will be activated by using the coupon code during checkout.

  -Day two of the sale, the discount will be 13% or $$1.40 off posted price.

  -On the 12th day of the sale, the discount will be at 24% (to represent Christmas Eve).  The discount on a $10.75 item would be $2.58.

This applies to all items - notions, precuts, fabric, whatever.  The only exceptions are contract items (ie Creative Grids rulers and templates and all Accuquilt items including dyes and all Go! machines). The prices on contract items are strictly regulated by the manufacturer and ARE NOT included in this sale.

Now for better news, I left many items on sale, so the discount will come off the sale price!  So is the item is on sale for $8.99 per yard, then you would receive 12% off the sale price!  In this example, the 12% discount would make the $8.99 per yard fabric, $7.91 per yard! and on day 12, the price would be $6.83 per yard!

The coupon code for the sale is XMAS-12 and this code is the only code you use for all 12 days.  As of right now, the discount for the coupon is an additional 12% off.

So think cool thoughts and enjoy the might even find a Christmas present for you!

Let's be jolly and have fun!

Happy Quilting,




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