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Slash & Dash Halloween Sale!

Steaks, Beer, Dancing Girls!   

Now that I have your attention, I am sure there are plenty of places which offer all these things and more, but alas, all we have is great fabric.   

Don’t be afraid of high fabric prices! Come see us and check out our Slash and Dash Halloween Sale – Now through All Hallows Eve (10/31) –  All Halloween fabric and Halloween Panels as on sale $7.99 per yard (panel - each) or LESS! 

Note:  We have a link to all the Halloween fabrics on the home page of the webstore.  There are many more in the shop that are not listed in the webstore!

We have had some really terrific Halloween Panels selections this season and many of the offerings have already sold out, but we still have plenty of quick easy projects available – table runners, panels, pillows, place mats, even an  apron (check out the one I am wearing -customized by Janet – sometimes I believe Janet thinks I am a walking talking mannequin. Oh well just another bullet for my resume – Professional Model – “I’m too sexy for my hat…Too sexy for my hat…. What’d do you think about that….”.    

Janet:  Note to Randy – You as a model – Now that really is scary! 

This is addition to anything already on sale.  

The wide backing fabrics (excludes wools and sports fabrics) are also on sale for $2.00 yard off list price.  

All Books and Patterns 10% off list.  

Selected precuts 10% off.  

Fat Quarters
(In Store Only - in brown boxes only- Randy's store side)  
1-9 FQs       $2.50
10-19 FQs   $2.25
20-up FQs   $2.00

Aurifil Designer Thread Sets – 12 spools assorted colors of 50wt Aurifil thread 1,422 yards per spool  hand picked by your favorite designers only $114.99 / Set  (That’s only $9.58/ spool!!  Our regular individual spool price is $11.99)  

Mary Ellen’s Best Press – We have sold completely out of the gallons, but the 33.8 oz size is on sale for $12.99 – that’s $2.00 off the regular price of $14.99.  


                      ******Bear Essentials******

*Credit Card Processing – We only mention this item to reassure all of our patrons.  We are very committed to your security on line as well as in the store.  Our new credit card processing machine is fully compliant with all the latest security protocols and is chip ready to begin processing chip infused credit cards and debit cards as technology is made available.  The information we have received, full implementation (ie all magnetic cards will be replaced) will not occur untill sometime in 2017.  In the meantime, the old cards will continue to work as the machine is set for both strip and chip. As always, in order to further safeguard against any type of fraud, Thread Bear Fabrics, LLC neither collects nor stores any credit card information.  

*Events –  Quilt Fest presented by the Misty Mountain Quilters Guild / October 23-24, 2015 / Friday, 10-23  9 AM -5 PM ;  Saturday, 10-24  9 AM – 4 PM / Union County High School Gym – Industrial Blvd. – Blairsville, GA 30512 / Featuring Quilt Exhibits, Guild Boutique, Quilt Book & Magazine Sale, Donation Quilt Raffle, Door Prizes, Quilting Supply Vendors / Admission $6.00 / For additional information, entry rules and forms please visit       

As the year advances, we will add to this list as information becomes available to us. If you are interested in or plan to attend one of these events please feel free to stop by the shop and pick up one of the event brochures complete with times, dates, and contact information.

For additional events and services pertaining to quilting throughout the state of Georgia just copy and paste the following link into your browser.        

*Classes – Classes will resume beginning the month of November. Sign ups can be performed online or at checkout in store. Our first class will be:   Ferris Wheel – An easy and fun method to learn how to make a “spiderweb” quilt.   November 7, 2015 10:15 AM – 2:30 PM.   Instructor – Jessica Page   Cost - $25.00   Level – Confident Beginner.   Supply list available online or at checkout desk.   Sign up online or in store.   See sample block on display at cutting table - classroom side.    

Beginning Quilting Class – Will start in November.  More information to follow soon.

*Galactic Quilting - All the husbands and boyfriends can relate to the age old comment,  "We never go anywhere" from their "significant others".  Well,  rejoice I have solved this problem with just a click of the mouse: 

Send her to Mars!  Literally! Well at least part of her.     Janet is on the way! "Insight" launches next year and Janet is on board (well at least her name) and if the Martians investigate the chip - they will find our email  

Sometime in September 2016 (bearing any unforeseen circumstances) we should be the first interstellar quilt shop - " boldly go where no quilt shop has gone before".   

What do think?  I bet the Martians are batik junkies or maybe 30's fans.  I guess will just have to wait and see. 
Hey, they even have a frequent flyer program with points!!  Since the theoretically closest Earth and Mars can be is 33.9 million miles - I wonder if NASA accepts American Express?    

*New Arrivals – This is like dusting with a leaf blower – after a while you realize this really blows!  

*Solids, Blenders, and such – Surprise!  Janet is restocking.  Like there was ever any doubt. – Black, blue and beyond.  The 45” are here and out on the shelves.  The wides are on order and have yet to be shipped.  

*Precuts – You guessed it - more, more, more!  The box I opened had layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm packs from Maywood, Moda, and Benartex.  Shadow Bay, Santa Claus, Solid White, Neutral, Pearl Essence, Frost, Bloom, Somerset, Basically Neutral, Collection for a Cause – Nurture, De la Sol Batiks, and Ellie Ann just to name a few.  

*Flannel and Wool – Cooler weather is on the way.  Check out the new exciting traditional plaid flannels from Wilmington Prints’ Kensington Collection or the solid color 100% wools from Marcus Brothers.    

*Cardinal Rule from Wilmington Prints – This winter collection featuring North Carolina’s state bird (the cardinal) sort of bridges the gap between the holidays and spring.  Slap this on the back of your Christmas placemats and come January 2 “flip em”.  You are good to go till March.  Janet has a kit made up from this collection - only 2 of The Cardinal Rule kits remaining!

*Snoopy the Flying Ace – This collection from Quilting Treasures features America’s favorite canine pilot – Snoopy from the comic strip - Peanuts.  With the familiar characters and focus on primary colors, this collection has been very popular with kids and adults alike. “Curse you Red Baron!”

Note:  Due to the popularity of this collection, Janet has reordered the fabrics, but the reorder is not due in until February 2016.

*Sea Turtles for Fabri-Quilt – The designer must have been a Maryland fan.  Collages of turtles and seaweed in assorted colors highlight this collection. It seems to try to answer the age old question, “Are you a turtle?”

*Headgear – A single bolt of flames straight out of the 50’s from Fabri-Quilt. Make matching apparel to match the flames on your tricked out classic ride.  

*Tribal Instincts by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush Studios – Lets go on safari.  Multicolored zebras and unique geometrics take you to the Dark Continent with a single glance. Come check out this collection and find out about a “dizzy”.  Funny, before I saw this collection, I only knew if you drink enough scotch it would make you dizzy.

*Kits – Janet has been busy chopping up and packaging all kinds of stuff.

Slice of Sunshine, Sun kissed Days, Harui Kaze Kimona Quilt, Subtle Song, Two by Two, Apple Core Tote, Fairfield County Fair, pick Up Sticks, For Edith, Slice Sun Kissed, a Let's Go Play in the Dirt (Caterpillar Quilt) are just a few of the kits currently in stock.  

Two new kits getting a lot of attention are Snoopy the Flying Ace and The Cardinal Rule.  These kits are in limited supply, so get yours now before they're gone.  

*Nishikiito Metallic Thread from Cosmo – We never even got this out of the box before people began to purchase it. A high quality metallic thread imported from Japan, it is great for embellishment and several patterns  (i.e. Snow Parade from Crab Apple Hill) uses it to add “sparkle” to their projects.

*Guess How Much I Love You 2 – Clothworks has a major hit with this new baby collection featuring rabbits, birds, stickers, and dots. It has the coordinating colors for both girls and boys.

*Under the Sea – This is a safe way to catch fish! Quilting Treasures has put together a terrific juvenile collection of fishes, bubbles, and assorted sea creatures in bright colors.  The highlight of the offering is the panel – featuring a curious orange crab - sure to please and delight any small child fond of the sea.

*Store Display case - Janet has been busy ordering DVD’ s of embroidery patterns and heavens knows what else to go in the glass case at the back of the store. Now, if I could only remember what I did with the key to get into the case!    

Halloween Candy Dish – Located behind the Halloween window display in the classroom side.  Stop by and score some awesome chocolate, exchange glances with the guy, and receive sage advice straight from the skeleton.  Just think, maybe someday they will make a GPS with a voice like that – trust me “he ain’t Elvis”.     As all the festivals, fairs, special events, and such fall always brings, we would like take time to thank all of you for visiting us here at Thread Bear Fabrics.   We realize the are plenty of other  places you can go, but we are always glad you decided to spend  time with us.    

Normally, I would interject some Halloween Humor here, but alas this year it did not get past the censor – read that Janet.  So in lieu of my failed attempt, we will leave you with a “creative” Halloween idea.  Now rightly so, I can not take credit for this – this guy is way above my pay grade – he used to be an engineer for NASA.  Now he does really cool stuff inside earth’s atmosphere.  

You have heard the phrase “There’s an app for that.”  Well check this out (copy and paste into a new browser window):    

I can as Jamie says only cheapen it.  I am not hawking his stuff – even if it is really awesome – I think. But all of you are creative and can sew.  All you need is an I-phone or similar suitable device, an old shirt or apron (something to cover the torso), blood (mind you this is not a license to hack up the pesky neighbor’s cat) or something resembling blood.  

1. Download the app :  The app is free – free is good.
2. Cut a jagged hole in the wearing apparel
3. Sew a pocket inside the shirt the appropriate size to hold the I-phone or gadget with a tight closure (Velcro or if you are a guy there is always duct tape)
4. Smear copious amounts of blood (ie paint, etc) around the hole you just cut
5. Practice moaning and clutching your stomach    

Of course I was going for the beating heart, flesh wound, hand through the intestines genera but there are others from which to choose.   Try cooking breakfast with your “new apron”.  See if your kids notice. Hey more bacon for you.  

Until next time,    

Happy Halloween    

Best Wishes,  

Janet + Randy    




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