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End it All Sale!!

Dear Quilting Friends,

November - can it really be here?  The autumn leaves, the festivals, smells of fresh baked pies and hot apple cider, and the beginning of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving dinner and a time of friendship and fellowship, then Black Friday (when we may forget a little bit about the afore mentioned...).  The official start of Christmas shopping and the sounds and smells of the season.  Temperatures dropping and frost starts to cover the ground with snow sometimes not too far behind.  What a glorious time of the year.  A time to renew our spirits and remember those too often forgotten.  The season of sharing and giving and sharing.  It truly is the best time of the year.

As a quilter many of our gifts are already well underway, but those last minute projects are ready to start.  Time to think of our Christmas party gifts and time to fellowship within our sewing bees, quilt guilds, and our friends and family. 

As a shop owner, it is time to clear the shelves and make room for the new fabrics that will start to arrive in January.  Less to inventory means big savings for you.  That makes November and December great times to restock your stash with all the fabrics that you have on your wish list.  To kick off the season, we're having an "End It All"  sale. 

What do I mean by "End It All"?  We have thousands of bolts both thin and thick.  If you end the bolt, we will give you an extra percentage off. 

               Yardage on bolt                 Extra Discount

               Under 5 yards                     20% off
               5 yards and more                25% off
Just finish the bolt and and will apply the discount off the current price.  Remember, the current price is price in the computer and not what is on the bolt.  Many of the fabrics are on sale or have been reduced (and we have not marked the bolt yet), so you will receive the extra discount off the lower price.

For example, if a fabric that was originally priced at $10.75 per yard has been reduced to $8.99 per yard, then the price per yard would be:

            1 yard on bolt      $8.99 less 20% or $7.19 per yard

             (This is a 33% discount from our original bolt price for this example.)

if the bolt has 5 yards or more and you "finish" the bolt, then you would be paying:

                $8.99 less 25% or $6.74 per yard

             (This is a 37.3% discount from our original bolt price for this example.)

Remember, you must finish the bolt to receive the discount.  It's a great time to purchase larger amounts of fabric that may be needed for your project - focus fabrics, backgrounds, or backing.

For our online customers, this is not a sale that I can program, so I am offering a discount based on how much you fabric you purchase.  Please note the discount is based only on fabrics.
               Spend               $ Discount           Discount Code

               $50                   $10                       TakeAll50
               $100                 $20                       TakeAll100
               $150                 $35                       TakeAll150
               $200                 $50                       TakeAll200
               $250                 $65                       TakeAll250

The selection is extensive and it's a great way to start your holiday shopping. 

This sale will be in effect through Thanksgiving Day.

I'm making a list of our Black Friday (store is closed on Black Friday)/Small Business Saturday sale and I promise, it'll have some specials you will not want to miss! 

I hope you enjoy our initial holiday season sale.  We appreciate your business and hope to see you during this wonderful time of the year.

Below is our holiday schedule.  Also, a couple of items to note.  We now accept American Express. As the holiday travel season approaches - do everyone a favor buy enough fabric to earn all those travel miles - take the family to Hawaii - everyone wins - we gain space and cash (you know that Janet is going to buy more fabric with this) - you go to Hawaii and when you return you have lots of fabric.

The Beginning Quilting Class will be posted this week on line.  For more information, you can call the store.  The class will be done in several segments.  The first will be the basic tools, color, and cutting.  Each segment will be listed as a separate class.

Happy Quilting!

Randy & Janet

Thanksgiving Day, November 26th
Black Friday, November 27th (Randy has to do his Christmas shopping and this is a milestone day for him as well)
Christmas - New Year's Day (December 25th - January 1st)

Randy and I have decided that we will take a vacation over the Christmas holiday to renew and refresh our spirit and souls.




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