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January Sale

Dear Quilting Friends,
Another new year is here - welcome 2016.

I always have renewed hope that a new year will bring new opportunities and promise.  However with the stock market with its worst new year start in its history, I am currently in a state of denial.  I just cannot bring myself to even peek at my 401K.  I know better days are coming...hopefully soon!

With the new year also bring price hikes.  While gas is at a low, shipping rates are still increasing.  Effective today, our shipping rate will be $6.80 due to the Post Office's price increase on Priority Mail services.  But based on shipping policy for U.S. destination packages, $6.80 will be the maximum charge.  So whether you purchase 2 yards or 20 yards or more, you will pay a maximum of $6.80 which is the new Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope charge.

We strive to maintain our costs so we may continue to carry a great selection of quality fabrics at reasonable prices.

This newsletter will be short and sweet this month as too many things are happening.  I would like to thank everyone that asked about Randy.  While he is still not 100%, he seems to be on the mend.  I cannot say the same for our house that flooded last month due to a burst pipe, but hopefully that will be corrected soon.

I just put in a savings coupon for 10% off your order (will not apply to contact priced items such as AccuQuilt and Creative Grids).  Just put in Ten% in the coupon code and the January Savings coupon will be activated.

I have all our new arrivals on the first page of the website, so I hope you will take a peek.  This year's Row by Row experience theme is Home Sweet Home.  I am working on my inspiration for this year's license plate and row and will let you know more when it comes to me. 

Until February, I hope you stay well and have plenty of fun quilting.

Happy Quilting and until next time,

Randy & Janet




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