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Memorial Day Bonus Sale

Greetings to all,  
As summer approaches, we wish only the best for all of you.  This will be a quick note covering the span between now and Memorial Day.     

1. We will be closed Monday May 30, 2016 in celebration of Memorial Day.  We wish all a happy and peaceful holiday and hope everyone remembers those we lost in service of our country.

2. To honor of the holiday, we are adding an additional 10% Memorial Day Coupon off your entire purchase!  Good now through Memorial Day.    For on line purchases just enter “Memorial” when checking out.   For in store purchases – you will receive the additional discount at checkout.  

3. Please note -The Coupon is IN ADDITION to the Mother Day Sale we have already going on!   

Makes for some smoking prices –

ie unlisted bolted fabric (note:  unlisted fabric is not in the website store) Regularly Low Price of $6.99/yd with the Mother’s Day Sale becomes $5.99/yd then with the 10% it becomes $5.39/yd!    

Or precuts like Little Ruby Jelly Roll from Moda – List price $38.99 – the Mother’s Day Sale drops it to $29.99 and the 10% drops it to $26.99!

Even patterns – Yellow Brick Road from Atkinson Designs – List - $9.50 with the Mothers Day Sale $7.13 and with the Memorial Day coupon $6.42!
4. Finally, the coupon is good for ALL purchases – (excludes contractual items - AccuCut and Creative Grid).

So you get 10% off whatever you buy – even off items  that are not on sale – like say Batting – for example HLBY96 which translates into Hobbs 80/20 blended cotton 96” wide premium batting – List $8.00/yd -with the coupon $7.20/yd. 

We have a “What’s New” section on the web site and Janet is doing a jam up job cramming it full of stuff (She just never quits ordering!). ·    

In the newsletter I try to highlight at least one arcane “Off The Grid Item”.  This time the item is the highly coveted book "Feathering the Nest with Vintage inspired Quilts by Brigitte Giblin.  This book is out of print.  One of our customers told me they saw it on line for over $100.00!  We have only one copy. It is not on line. Our price is $55.00.  Let the race begin!


We are always on the look out for new, interesting and helpful products.  There are soooo many items and as always, we welcome your suggestions.  
Occasionally, I get to put in my two cents. 

(Note from Janet:  Anyone that has Randy cut their order knows that Randy never leaves his two cents on the table!)

My latest suggestion - Caffeine Suppositories!  

My pitch to Janet:

For those late night quilting binges / We might not be able to improve your quilting but we can make you feel better, faster, more confident / A great way to motivate - to finish up some of those UFO’s / When you are under the gun and your daughter is getting married tomorrow and you are still doing block placement on her wedding gift / Don’t risk spilling coffee on your creation or even worse ruining it with a nasty non removal coffee stain / More effective than coffee / Per mg of caffeine – cheaper, quicker, and more effective than coffee / No upset stomach like with lots of coffee / Plus may alleviate headaches (the pain in your rear will make you forget all about the pain in your head) / A way to stop giving Starbucks all your money while being scrutinized by everyone from the barista to those in line ( she ordered a mocha espresso latté surprise “I bet she has a toenail clipping collection at home!”). 

I am relatively certain we would be the only quilt shop in Georgia to offer this product – of course we would probably have to remind people not to share them (see regardless of what you mother said sharing is not always caring) - you know like when they are on those long quilting retreats and you forgot your pack or cooler and yours melted / And Janet,  the really great thing - we already have a refrigerator - we could keep them right next to your Diet Mt. Dews!  

All I got was “No”!  No explanation - no lecture - just no.  So, I guess we will not be carrying this item. 

Just think of the possible blog and twitter posts:  

#Bump in the trunk – I’ve done 2 Double Wedding Rings, cleaned the upstairs, and learned how to sew with 2 machines simultaneously – all in the last hour!  

#Suzie Suppository – R U Feeling This?!! 

#The devil will get you in the end - Oh No! Buzz is gone!  Great Quilters from ages past are beckoning – Do Another!    

Alas, I guess, “in the end”,   quilters will just have to find resplendent energy and motivation through a less “internal” method.  


Finally, I am looking forward to summer, if not for vacations and activities,  then at least for the sure fire fireworks July and the race for the White House will bring.

While not endorsing anyone I am certain this election should be monumental in terms of mud, blood,  guts, and beer.    I was actually shocked at how civil the candidates were to each other (maybe it was just a missed opportunity).  

When Hillary (now known at the ET Candidate) announced if elected she would open the X- files (Area 51, Roswell, UFO, extraterrestrial life, etc), I really expected Trump to say something to the effect – Well, she can’t get anyone in this world to vote for her.   

To which Hillary might have suggested Trump be probed to find out if he is actually human.  

Ahh!  Let the games begin.  (All of you just thought Romper Room had been cancelled!)  

Until next time Be Happy and Quilt On. Best Wishes, Janet+Randy  

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