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Happy July 4th!

Greetings, This is just a quick note to wish all of you a Happy 4th of July, thank you for your patronage, and to let you know of a few serendipitous events.

***************************** The Bear Essentials*********************************    
*Independence Day – Monday July 4th – We will be closed to celebrate our nation’s birthday. We wish all a safe and blissful holiday. Since we will be out of town for the holiday, and you’re debating whether or not to eat that 3rd hamburger – go ahead – have one for me and have another cold one while you are at it - since I will probably be eating a pack on Nabs.  Well, at least all of them are American.  

*Good News – As a “thank you” for your patronage, we have decided to extend our current sale through end of business Saturday July 3rd!  Originally, it was set to end June 30th. This sale is a good one - with all bolted fabric, all pre-cuts, all Aurifil threads, all patterns, and all books on sale.  Plus this includes new just received goods (ie all the boxes) plus all the fabrics ones we currently have in stock!  This is a great time to buy and save.    

Many apologies – We wish to thank you for your patience and persistence the past few weeks with purchases made over the website.  The company which manages our website has been making some “enhancements” and the changes caused some unexpected problems.  Many thanks to all who call in their orders.  I am thankful they did not “enhance” the telephone. They have assured us the issues have been corrected.   

Internet Explorer – As many of you know Microsoft has been pushing everyone to upgrade to Windows 10.  Whether you choose to upgrade or not is of course a personal choice, but we have been advised the browser, Internet Explorer, will no longer be supported by Microsoft.  This has made online purchases troublesome using Internet Explorer.  Edge (Microsoft’s new browser),  Firefox (Mozilla) , Chrome (Google), Safari (Apple), and Oracle are still viable alternatives.  

*Coming in July – Christmas!  Janet, Tina, and I have been busy unpacking and listing all the new Christmas fabrics.  Look for new kits, fabric, notions, and of course the Christmas music will be back.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  

*New Arrivals – There is a bunch – image that?!  Just a brief smattering -   

Through the Ages from Exclusively Quilters – A fantastic little collection with knights, damsels, castles, coats of arms, swords and shields. This is a most appropriate collection for those who are big “Dungeon and Dragons or Game of Thrones fans.  However; be ye warned, making this project for ye spouse may forever ye name wench be.  That’s ok – just call him “varlet”.  

The Secret Life of Pets from Universal Studios for Quilting Treasures – The movie is not in theaters yet (July 22) but, we have the fabrics.  The pentacles of the collection are the 2 big panels – the dogs / Duke and Max; the cats / Giget and Chloe.  These are sure to be a hit since someone has already  bought some of the fabrics to make clothes to wear to the movie.  
Sewing with Singer for Robert Kaufman – a collection for anyone that ever owned of used a Singer Product.  Unfortunately, even though is sewing about sewing you still have to sew it.  

There are plenty more - just check out the “New Arrivals” section on the website.  Just click on the photo and it will take you to all the fabrics in the collection.     

Row by Row – Yes it is up and running and more and more companies are participating in this very popular program.  This year Creative Grids has manufactured a collectible ruler with Row by Row 2016 embossed on the item.   Ackfield Mfg. has produced a 36 inch black metal Village Row by Row Project Holder. Along with these, we also have kits, license tags, and our free Row pattern - "My Majestic Georgia Mountain Home".    Be sure to check out our Row and License Tag, plus an explanation of the symbolism of the row on the “Home Page” at   If you are in the store, go to the check out desk and look up.  The actual row is hanging on the project holder; the rulers and kits are in the red basket on the glass shelves to the right; while the patterns and license tags are behind the cutting table.    So come on by – scarf up your FREE pattern and enter the contest (details at – and no – we do not have a winner yet.  You could be the one!  

*Events –  

*34th Annual Ashville Quilt Show / “Quilts:  Colorful, Creative, and Cozy” / September 30, October 1-2, 2016 / 9-5 Fri & Sat / 10-4:30 Sun / Admission $7.00 / Free Parking / Handicap Accessible / WNC Ag Center / Davis Event Center (I-26, exit 40, Airport Road. Gate 5 Across from AVL Airport) / Over 300 Quilts from all over the US / Over $10,000 in Prize Money / 25+ Unique Vendors / Demonstrations/ Silent Auction / Gift Shop / Quilts for Sale / Opportunity Quilt / Lunch Available / Multi-day Pass/ Group Discounts / for more information follow us on Facebook@Ahville Quilt Show or contact Deb Walker, Show Chair at  / Sponsored by the Ashville Quilt Guild   Please note this event is in Ashville, NC      

* Chattahoochee Evening Stars “ Stars ‘N’ Stitches Quilt Show /  September 23-24, 2016 / Friday and Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM  /Lakewood 400 Antique Market / 1321 Atlanta Hwy (Hwy 9) / Cumming, GA 30040 / Directions: / Daily Admission $6.00 / Children 11 and under – free / / Over 200 Quilts / Vendor Mall / Special Exhibits / Quilt Raffle / Handmade items for purchase at StarWares Market / Storybook Quilts Traveling Collections with readings for children at 3 PM each day / for more information visit  / contact us for groups of 20 or more  at    

As the year advances, we will add to this list as information becomes available to us. If you are interested in or plan to attend one of these events please feel free to stop by the shop and pick up one of the event brochures complete with times, dates, and contact information. For additional events and services pertaining to quilting throughout the state of Georgia just copy and paste the following link into your browser.        

Just a brief word about the upcoming political conventions:   A wise person once said, “Politicians are like sperm – Only one in a million becomes human.”   In this vein many have began to look for the 3rd party – not the Communist Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party , Independent American Party , American Socialist Party , or a whole host of others – I give you one I had never heard of  -  The Transhumanist party.   Now as far as I can glean from the website these people champion science, technology, and longevity to assist man in governing himself.  Of course the endgame is humankind is incapable of governing itself – thus the idea of a President of Artificial Intelligence.   Can’t you just see an exasperated White House Official bursting into the Situation Room –   “Mister President! Mister President! North Korea has just invaded South Korea!   Shocked to see the all the Joint Chief of Staff, Generals, Admirals, CIA Head and various other officials seated at the enormous rectangular table calmly playing paper football, texting, and racking up points killing the Covenant on the latest version of Halo he exclaims, “What are we doing?   A four star general looks up from his animated square Ipad and gestures toward the presidential screen where the following appears:   “Do Not Turn Off Your President. Your President Is Receiving Updates.   Update 14 of 731.  .02% Complete.    

Here's to a Safe an Fun 4th of July.  
Keep Quilting,
Janet+ Randy 

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