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Fabric & Fireworks Sale

Dear Friends,
Can it possibly be July next week? But whether we are ready or not, the 4th is next week, so I will have to buy hotdogs and hamburgers and Randy and Joseph will fire up the grill.  I just hope the downpours end by then especially for the fireworks.  But if it is still raining, I can image this being Randy & Joseph -

Somehow if this happens I don't think that the food will look this good, but I hope the taste is there!

I will keep this note short and sweet.  This has been a difficult month as Randy as been ill and my mother had to have surgery.  Mother is on the mend and I want to thank everyone for keeping her in your prayers.  We're still trying to get Randy sorted you know he is really just a work in progress!

First regarding the Kaffe Mystery quilt block for June...yes I did say June barely....

The packages left the warehouse and I just checked the tracking number and they are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. 

I have been assured that next month the blocks will go out on the 15th.

Secondly, I have been checked in lots of new Christmas collections and plan to have Christmas in July starting on the 25th and through the end of the month.  More on this in the next newsletter.  (I know that Wednesday is an odd day to start, but I will be gone for a week to a shop owner's "restore" program until the 24th.)

Below is a link to look at new collections that are now checked in - still have about 2 dozen more boxes to open (and to think I was only out of the shop for 2-1/2 days).  Great collections will such as Something Blue will be arriving shortly.

Thread Bear Fabrics

Fireworks Sale -

Use the code "fireworks2018" and your order will be discounted another 10% (will not work on contract items such as Creative Grid rulers or Accuquilt products).  Sale prices will remain in effect and by using this coupon code, your order will be discounted at checkout for the additional 10% off.

And finally in trying to give you a Randy type chuckle:

Food, Family, Fourth of July, and Fireworks. The four best F words ever!

What happened as a result of the Stamp Act? The Americans licked the British!

How come there's no Knock Knock joke about America? Because freedom rings.

What's red, white, black and blue? Uncle Sam falling down the stairs.

What kind of tea did the American colonists want? Liberty.

What was General Washington's favourite tree? The infantry.

What do you call a redneck bursting into flames? A Fire Cracker!

What was the most popular dance in 1776? Indepen-dance.

What does the Statue of Liberty stand for? It can't sit down.

Who was the biggest jokester in George Washington's army? Laughayette

What's the difference between a duck and George Washington? One has a bill on his face, and the other has his face on a bill.

Why were the first Americans like ants? They lived in colonies.

What do you eat on July 5th? Independence Day-Old-Pizza.

What quacks, has webbed feet, and betrays his country? Beneduck Arnold.

What did the fuse say to the firecracker? Lets get together and "pop it like its hot".

Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Boston to Lexington? Because the horse was too heavy to carry.

Did you hear the one about the Liberty Bell? Yeah, it cracked me up!

What do you call a duck on the fourth of July? A fire quacker.

What would you get if you crossed George Washington with cattle feed? The Fodder of Our Country!

What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing. It just waved.

Which colonists told the most jokes? Punsylvanians!


I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th.  Enjoy the parades, food, and fireworks, but remember to celebrate our great country and the true meaning of the words "liberty and justice for all".

So celebrate, eat, and sew and until next time...

Happy Quilting,




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