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Home Again and Not

Dear Friends,

I'm back from the big "D" and boy was it hot! The coolest day I was there was when I left for the airport and it was 99 degrees. The high while I was there was 108 or was it 110? Please pardon my confusion, but I think part of my brain fried while I was there. I arrived a day before the event started and then I made my first mistake - I walked about two blocks to a restaurant to eat lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day and I did not think about how warm it was. I had a rental car, but decided to walk because I just made it to the hotel....and I mean, I just made it. Atlanta traffic is a breeze compared to Dallas. I almost kissed the pavement when I got out of the car!

Now this was not my first driving adventure in Dallas, it just has been about six years since I've been to the Lone Star state. Also, I am actually a pretty decent driver - actually drove professionally once upon a time and even taught delivery drivers in a previous life. I have even been in some of the best traffic jams in the world!

I spent five hours on I-5 in rush hour in LA (was first visit to the city of Angels and did not know rush hour started at 2:30 or did I know about the 405!

My first journey to Paris, I did not understand that the red light was an ornament and not even treated like a four way stop. Yes, I have to admit that I said grace when I made it to the hotel (which was in plain view from the red light! - it only took me another half hour to make two more blocks.). When I went to dinner that night, I was smart and took a least I thought I was. My driver and the driver in the car in the next lane (I think both cars were in the same lane - thank goodness the cars are smaller there.) were playing chicken and cursing each other, but I did make it to my destination and again, I said a prayer of thanks.

I could go on as I know not to drive in several other countries and I do know if you are on the autobahn in Germany (Deutschland), you better get the hell out of the way if you are in the left lane!

In reflection, Dallas interstates are very similar to the autobahn - the vehicles are just much bigger! Texas is proud of doing everything big and I can vouch that those are some really big trucks and I'm not talking about 18 wheelers either.

But, I digress. I had a quiet lunch, then returned to the hotel and set up in my room. The air conditioner felt wonderful until it didn't. I like to froze and the controls on the unit did not respond! The next day I had a bit of a sore throat, but had a great evening and tomorrow was going to be better - we were visiting the Moda warehouse and Howard Dunn was hosting the group for dinner.

But alas, my first summer cold in over 3 years arrived.  While I did visit the Moda warehouse, I spent the last two days of the event in my hotel room sick. 

The wonderful people at Moda and Martingale Books did load me up with all of my kits and handouts which I will get to look at over the next few weeks.

When I arrived back home, I was greeted with boxes everywhere in the front of the shop.  I had just spent three Sunday afternoons opening most of the boxes and now it did not look like I had even opened one.  If it was not for all of the new bolts of fabrics waiting to be shelved, one would have thought that I was ignoring inbound shipments.  While I still have not caught up and I have to be out of town several days this week, I will work hard to get them all opened when I return.

I just wanted to send a short message out before I leave about a few items.

1.  The August Kaffe Mystery Quilt blocks arrived on Friday and I have them check in and they are available for pick-up.  If someone picks up your block, I am processing your ticket before I leave and will have your receipt attached to your block. 

2.  Little Sweethearts by Laundry Basket Quilts will be shipped this week.  Andover gave me an estimated ship date of Tuesday, so that means I should have the boxes in on Friday or Monday.  I have both yardage and precuts coming.  I have ordered the booklet "Sew in Love" and will be kitting the quilt on the cover.  The book is sold out and should be shipped to me about the 18th of August.  As soon as they arrive, I will have the kits cut.  I will look at the pattern and may put together a Block of the Month program for the quilt.

3.  The Wisdom collection from Windham has arrived.  If you are interested in participating in this Block of the Month program, please let me know.  I will have the cost of the program available when I return.  I am estimating that the program will be approximately $23-$24 per month.  Shipping for the program will be $5.00 per month.

I hate to put off my Christmas sale until September, but I have several tasks I must do with my family that will take me out of the shop for days at a time.  This week Randy and Joseph will be staffing the shop for most of the week.  I hope to be back in town on Friday or Saturday so I will not get to far behind.

I hope everyone have a good week and I will see you soon,

Happy Quilting!





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