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QIS Sale - 12 Sales of Christmas Week Six

Greetings Quilters, 

Since Janet is out of town for a few days this is on me. The QIS Sale is simple - all bolted fabrics sold by the yard regardless of price (includes sale price), manufacturer, collection, batiks, prints, panels, backing, make, or model are 20% off.  So all you have to remember is:

1. It has to be fabric and sold by the yard. 

All other discounts (5% end of bolt, 10% Bounce Back, $1.00 off list) still apply.  Combine them and rack up.  Please note - for our online customers -  use code QIS.

Now I know someone is going to ask "What is QIS?" 

It is an acronym for Quilts In Space - a new program I want the government to start.  Since we are going to have "Space Force" I think, Quilters, as a whole should play a significant role in First Contact.   NASA has issued guidelines (yes this is actually true) about how to communicate with ET.  I guess when an invading insect like alien is sucking all the cerebral spinal fluid from your husband's brain it will be helpful to be able to ask, " You want fries with that? " 

On a more positive note, ET could communicate through geometric shapes and colors, and your bright and vibrant quilt block full of half square triangles might just very well save our planet. Maybe we should go back to teaching sewing in school - our very existence may depend on it.

Think quilting is only for earth bound people,  I beg to differ. For all you Trekies out there - in Star Trek The Next Generation, Captain Picard's catch phrase, "Make it so" could actually be "Make it sew".  I think we should consider the Captain of  the Galaxy Class Starship, the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, is actually a CLOSET QUILTER. If the United Federation of Planets and Star Fleet embrace quilting - so must our Space Force.

Besides, what self respecting Quilter would not want to design the "emblem" for Space Force. Carry your design to other worlds. Impress your fellow Quilters, and of course, the ET's.  

In this century, there is the "Black Knight" - no, not the medieval one - the alien probe or the space blanket (quilt?) in  near polar orbit of earth. NASA claims it is a thermal covering lost during a EVA while building the space station. Wonder if the guy who "lost it" wife or girlfriend was a quilter? 

If you believe the alien probe theory, Nikola Tesla 1899 while conducting radio experiments, listened in on their conversations. Who is to say "they" were not talking about quilting. As the probe is estimated to have been in earth orbit for 13,000 years, maybe ET is still trying to master Needle Turn Applique'.  I hope they live a long time - to master it  - maybe another 13, 000 years. 

Finally, Elon Musk, sent a Tesla Roadster into space.  As space is almost Absolute Zero (pretty chilly) I am sure there is a quilt on the back seat. Now to the dismay of many, the cardboard cutout behind the wheel was of a guy. The passenger seat was empty.  Where's the woman? Everyone knows a guy needs a woman to tell them where to go.  Janet tells me where to go all the time.

Here's hoping all of your quilting projects are out of this world,

Janet + Randy 




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