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12 Sales of Christmas - Week 7 Happy Halloween

Greetings Quilters,

Happy Halloween! Spooks, monsters, superheros,  - Quilters - anything goes for All Hallows Eve. So in celebration of all that is macabre the BOOYAH SALE - (Online customers Enter coupon code BOOYAH)

All Halloween Fabric 25% Off! PLUS all Timeless Treasures products. Plus as a Christmas bonus - the collection White Christmas Metallic from Moda.

This includes (precuts, (jelly rolls, charm packs, layer cakes, ect)  and of course yardage (includes batiks, and regular prints). All Bounce Back Coupons, End of Bolt Discounts, and sale prices still apply.  Run them all together and save a bundle! 

All the Halloween stuff is sort of easy to spot - skeletons, spiders, and such. Plus it is is all located just inside the door of Randy's side.  For our online customers search Halloween - there is now a category. Happy hunting. 

Timeless Treasures  bolts are marked with a "T". They make a boatload of things - batiks (tonga), precuts (Tonga Treats), and of course printed fabric of a wide variety.  They make some of the most sought after Autumn prints with metallic highlights. We simply can not keep Timeless Autumn Panels in stock. In the store, Timeless is on both sides.  Plenty to look at.

Halloween has always been special. Thirty plus years ago, we had a high school exchange student  from France - Christine. She had never heard of Halloween. Naturally, she was down with any reason to party, but it was funny to here her say "You just ring the bell of perfect strangers' houses and they give you candy?"

Her first foray: Christine forgot what to say and turned to us and asked "What do I say?"
We responded "Trick or Treat" and she repeated it.

The lady gave her candy and asked "What are you?" (Christine was not in costume - I guess she thought we just dress like ghouls and zombies after dark - Hey is was the 70's) 

Christine responded, "French!"

She got a strange look from the homeowner and plenty of laughs from us.


Finally, think weird things do not happen on Halloween? This one is true.

Two firefighters, Scott and Steve, were on the way back to town from fighting a brush fire from a sparkler  (a train with metal or rock stuck in brakes producing sparks igniting fires along the traveled path) on Halloween.

The radio crackled, "Unit eight."

Grabbing the tear shaped microphone Scott spoke, "Unit eight, over."

Alice, the nose, (she sounded sooo nasal over the radio, but was in real life did not sound that way) with obvious inflection began, "The Sheriff and all the deputies are all out answering other calls - everything from aliens to sheep in lipstick. He wants to know if you will check out 1411 Maple Street. It is on your way in.  A neighbor called us. Said she smelled smoke. And since the burning ban is in effect due to the drought , and since you are firefighters....."

Scott responded with a tinged voice "Sure, Alice, when you ask like that way how could we ever say no." Besides its Halloween.

Steve gesturing toward Scott took the mic and virtually shouted, "We already saved the county from burning up tonight! Will be glad to bail out you "blue bloods" yet again. But hey, if one of those aliens y'all are chasing happens to look out of this world - how about getting some contact information for me."

The dry reply, " Sugar, your last girlfriend - pigs blood and vanilla ice cream - Really?!  You sure she was from this planet?

Scott grabbed the mic back. "Ok, Alice we will check it out. Unit eight 10-11 out." 

As the engine rolled up on the single story ranch on Maple Street, Scott with a slight edge of excitement barked, "Get your gear! I smell smoke!" 

Bolting off the truck, both men methodically, pulled on the heavy fire protective coverings, but carrying their helmets in hand (the face shields made talking almost impossible).

Pounding on the door, and shouting, "Is anyone home? Cliffside fire department. Open the door." finally brought a porch light on plus a discernible click of the deadbolt.

As the door slowly opened, a small elderly lady with smut stained cheeks, dried leaves in her hair with rake.  She spoke, "Wait a Minute".

She placed the rake against the foyer wall and grabbed a bucket and promptly dropped two mini 3 Musketeers into each man's helmet.

With a frail voice, she spoke, "You boys look kind of old for this kind of thing, but the fire truck is a nice touch" and closed the door.

Hope all of you have a Happy and Safe Halloween. 

Janet + Randy

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