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Veterans Day Sale Week 8 of 12 Sales of Christmas

Greetings Quilters,

We hope all of you had a fun and safe Halloween.  Many of you asked about the Halloween Apron I wore last week. Yes, Janet made it - her own design and fabric choices.

Of course, I could not resist of accusing her, " You think of me as your on personal life size "Ken" and delight in a walking talking display." 
Without looking up from what she was working on she very calmly responded, "No. Actually I don't.  You are not that good looking."

******This week's sale are in honor of our veterans.************

*All Patriotic Fabrics 20% Off! (on line you can search the "Patriotic" Category) 

*All Wide Fabrics 20% Off! (on line you can search the "Wide Fabrics" Category)

*As a bonus Swell by Moda 20% Off! (on line you can search for "Swell")

This Sale is in Addition to any Other Discounts (End of Bolt, $1.00 Off per yard), any other sale (Clearance Fabrics), or Coupons (Bounce Back).

Online Customers Please Use Coupon Code "VETERAN" 

Each of these categories can be found under featured categories on our home page.  Sale ends midnight Sunday, November 11th.

Thread Bear Fabrics


On a closing note, a quick update  on QIS (Quilts in Space).  InSight (the Mars Robotic Lander) is suppose to land at  Elysium Planitia  Mars this month. Years ago,  I signed Thread Bear Fabrics up (the name) to make the trip. ( I have yet to figure out a way to get frequent flyer miles from this). 

We along with 10,000 other people and businesses are on a jump drive which is supposedly en route to Mars.  Now, I do not expect to garner a dramatic increase in business, but if the Martians want high quality quilting fabrics - it only takes two years to get here. Who knows, maybe they eat fabrics! Hope they are hungry. Janet sure has ordered a whole lot of fabrics.
Barring an unforeseen accident sometime in November -Thread Bear Fabrics - The First Galactic Quilt Shop!

Live long and Quilt, 

Janet + Randy 




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       Ste 500 Cumming, GA 30040


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