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Santa's Back 10/12 Sales of Christmas

Greetings quilters, 
We hope all of you had a Joyous Thanksgiving and we wish to sincerely thank all of you that shopped with us, both in store and on line, on Small Business Saturday. Many thanks to all for their patience while waiting in line for cutting. Janet garnered enough cash to pay some year end invoices. The short of it is the fabric (all those boxes) will keep coming for a while longer.

The sale this week in in honor of a long time friend of ours.  He sent the best Christmas card (remember those rectangular pieces of paper contained inside and envelope). The card had a picture of Santa walking away and simply said"Santa's Back!"

So Chuck this one is for you!

Note from Janet:

Randy is right, we have know Chuck for a very long time - Randy longer than I.  I met both Randy and Chuck when I was 10 and entering 7th grade.  Now Randy and Chuck's friendship predate this time - back to about the 3rd or 4th grade.  Both loved sports and practical jokes.  I knew about the sports as their pictures were in all many team pictures in the yearbooks.  What I did not know until many years later - and I mean over 30 - how radical both of them were.  There was the time when Randy got busted because he refused to show his student ID when asked and the next day a group of them wore their "prison" shirts with the student ID pinned where their "number" would be.  I think the principal was a bit upset when a picture of three of them appeared in this garb in the yearbook.  And then there was the time they were protesting being honor guard during the senior's graduation ceremony by wearing "Bozo" ties - the larger the better - I think Randy's was red.  Mr. Hunt, our principal wanted to expel Randy for being subversive, while Chuck could only walk on water - even if they were both up to their necks in the same water.  Maybe it was that boulder that Chuck's mother donated as the class gift for our class.  We are not speaking of a small rock - when I say boulder I mean it was taller than my car and I know it out weighted it by at least twice!  When we graduated, it was maroon (one of our school colors) with a plaque that proudly stated "presented by the Class of 1974".  Since then that rock has been numerous colors with quite a bit of verbal expressions displayed, but I digress.  What I am basically saying is that these two were thick as thieves and I would say this probably continued when they went to college at Carolina (Tarheels if you are wondering)- No I did not go there.  I actually graduated from N.C. State and I will tell you that Randy tells really back agricultural jokes.  But if I remember correctly, did N.C. State not just beat Carolina?  I must be wrong...  Anyway, I just wanted you to have some history of this friendship. 

Note from Randy - We may have lost a heart breaker in OT, but as the former coach will attest (they fired him after the game) - You don't lose to State and coach at UNC for very long. 

Now on to this week's sales:

* All Marcus Products 25% Off!  (Can you say Judie Rothermel and Pam Buda?  Aunt Grace 1930's prints, Primitive Threads, etc.)

* All In The Beginning Products 25% Off (Jason Yenter makes great Holiday Designs as well as many contemporary and traditional fabrics).

Plus since Santa is on the way Winter Village by Northcott (it is featured in the window on Randy's side - has a great Digital Panel) is our 25% off bonus collection.

This sale is in addition to any ongoing promotions ($1.00 off / Bounce Back, EOB 5%) 

Online customers please use coupon code "Back".

These items can be easily found from our homepage under "Featured Categories".

Below is a link to the webstore.

Thread Bear Fabrics
Our Thread Bear Fabrics Rulers 2.5" X 6" from creative Grids have arrived. The anti-slip high quality durable see through acrylic with black units of measure are easy to read, plus the ruler has a pre-drilled hole ready made for hanging. Besides its handy size, the ruler contains vital information every quilter should have - namely our logo, name, phone number, and website.  At only 6.95 / ruler, it is one of the best value products made by Creative Grids.  Buy one as a stocking stuffer or better yet buy one for yourself.  

Finally, as you are busily rushing to buy those last minute gifts it is sometimes is good to remember it is not always the gift, but the perspective of the giver and the receiver. 

A man once had two twin boys and although they looked the same, they approached life totally different. One was a die hard pessimist while the other was an eternal optimist. The dad decided on the boys' Christmas gifts. As was their tradition he placed each boy's gifts in their respective rooms.

Now. the dad had filled the pessimist's room with every expensive new electronic game he could find, plus a new computer, and a new bike. He filled the other boy's room (the optimist) with manure.

A  few hours later the dad walked into the pessimists room to see how he liked all his gifts.  He found his son in tears. 

He asked" What's wrong? Don't you like your gifts? " 

The tearful kid replied in a whiny voice, "My friends will be jealous. They will not like me anymore. The computer will get a virus. The batteries will die and I can't play my games. I will outgrow my new bike and it will get old." 

Somewhat perplexed, the father closed the door to the room and went down the hall to the other son's room - the one filled with manure.  Although the smell was pretty ripe, the boy was running around the room full of excitement with a beaming smile and obviously full of joy.

Smiling himself, the father inquired, "Why are you so happy?"  

Without hesitation the boy the boy exclaimed, " With all of this.  There must be a pony in here somewhere!"


Whatever the gifts you give or receive, we hope they bring a smile to your lips and joy to your heart.

Quilt on,

Janet + Randy 




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