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The Christmas Hope Sale - Week 11 of the 12 Sales of Christmas

Greeting Quilters,

As Advent begins and Christmas is rushing towards us like an asteroid, all of us at Thread Bear hope the hectic pace of the holidays is not winding you up like a toy. We are endeavoring to make your life easier. The first week of Advent is to symbolize hope.  So here is a terrific sale with the "hope" you buy a lot of fabric from us. The  Hope Sale ends Sunday 12/9/2018 at midnight EST.

This sale is nice and simple:

* All Moda products 25% Off! Since Moda is one of the largest fabric manufacturers this encompasses a boatload of items - batiks, prints, precuts, promotional items, home goods, and even wrapping paper. Moda sports an impressive stable of top designers - Holly Taylor, French General, Three Sisters, Kansas Troubles - to name only a few. The only condition is the item must be made by Moda. 

* As a bonus Winter Chickadee by Northcott is also 25% Off! This collection has a great digital panel - especially if you are a bird lover. 

This sale price is in addition to any ongoing promotion ($1.00 off/yard, sale or reduced, Bounce Back Coupons, 5% EOB).  

Our online customers use code "Hope".

Our sale categories can be found on the website home page under "Featured Categories".  Below is a link to the homepage of the website.

Thread Bear Fabrics

This week's Featured Stocking Stuffer" is a pen. Now it is not just your average pen.  This is the kind of pen McGyver would want - it is a twist pen, a measure in inches, a measure in centimeters, a stylus, a level, a phillips scrcewdriver, a flat screwdriver.  I suppose it could be used to kill vampires, but either way, it is definitely handy.  

Comes in choice of four colors - Red, Green, Blue, Black.  Ladies, your guy, your kids, you, or just about anyone will love this! Especially if they grew up watching "Inspector Gadget". 

Check it out at the cutting table in the Main Store or on line just put "Thread Bear Fabrics Gadget Pen" in the search box.


Finally, Janet has always accused me of thinking differently. Maybe so, but I raise my holiday glass to all with "enlightened reasoning" or as one of the daughters calls it - "fuzzy logic".  

John had to buy his girlfriend a Christmas present. It was December 23rd and he was sure he could score some great bargains and since there was very little left on the shelves - well that was a win - it just made the decision process easier. 

Inevitably, he wound up at the perfume counter. After waiting his turn he proclaimed to the lady behind the counter, "I need to buy my girlfriend a present.  Something that smells good."

In a pleasant voice she replied, "I am sure we can find something she will like." 

Pulling a bottle from underneath the counter, she placed it in front of John and stated "This has a wonderful essence and is only $100 dollars."

John's eyes grew wide and he exclaimed, "Oh no! That is way too expensive!"

"OK. Well we have plenty of affordable fragrances to choose from."  

Pulling a smaller bottle out and setting it in front of John, she said in a matter of fact voice. "This one has a hint of mystery and is $50 dollars."  

Again John became visibly excited and exclaimed, "That is still way too expensive! I want something cheap! Can't you just show me something cheap!?"

Displaying a forced smile, she with great control and patience uttered only "Sure."

Reaching under the counter, she pulled out a mirror and handed to John.

Just as the Holiday Season got underway, a woman walked into the shop and inquired about the string of Holiday  lights featured in our display window. I pulled a box from the shelf behind me and told her about all the features. Listening to me prattle on about the changing colors and long life LED bulbs she interrupted and asked "How do I know they work?"

I explained they were new and never been used before and should they be defective we would gladly replace them.

She replied, "But I don't want to drive back over here to exchange them if they don't work.  Can you just plug them in, so I can see they work?"

Smiling, I replied in an upbeat voice, " Sure. We can do that."

After removing the lights, plugging them it and confirming they all worked the lady seemed satisfied. 

Placing the lights back into the box I dutifully asked, "Will there be anything else for you?"

With obvious agitation she replied, "Oh no! I don't want that one!  The box has been opened!" 

First day back at work after Christmas break, Jeff and Scott were at lunch together.

Jeff: "Hey man, did you see any of the bowl games last week? That Texas one was awesome!" 

Scott: "No! Had to go to my mother in law's house all week."

Jeff: "Bummer. You missed some great football."

Scott: "So, I've heard. But wait a minute. You're married. How did you get to watch all those games?"

Jeff: "Oh, my wife - she's an angel!"

Scott: "You're lucky. Mine is still alive." 

Until next time, we hope all of your days are pleasant and all of your attempts are successful.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays, 

Janet + Randy




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