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12 Sales of Christmas - Week 12 - The Cold One

Greetings Quilters, 

As everyone knows its is getting colder even though the official start of winter is still over a week away.  It makes people grab for hoods. toboggans, coats, and such - real quick. We feel you shivering and the The Bear is there for you in the cold.  Since we can't sell good single malt Scotch to warm you, we will have to settle for high quality Flannel, Wovens, and Wool.  Thus the C O L D Sale:

* All Flannels 25% Off!

* All Wovens 25% Off!

* All Wool (yes we sell Wool!) 25% Off!

* As a bonus - all Hoffman Products 25% Off! (Includes prints, batiks, precuts)

The C O L D Sale prices are in addition to any current promotions or sales ($1.00 off / EOB 5% / Bounce Back Coupons). 

Online customers, please use coupon code "cold". 

So, don't be cold - come buy some Flannel, Wovens, and Wool from us this week.

Sales end midnight, Sunday December 16th.


This week's Stocking Stuffer is the Moda 2019 Calendar Quilt Block Tea Towel. Now to be honest, it probably will not ensure your husband will remember your Anniversary or Birthday in 2019, but it will come in handy when your grandson on the day after Christmas this year asks, "What day is Christmas on?" and you can wipe up that glass of OJ he just turned over at the same time.  

Finally, The Holidays effect all of us differently.

Jan mentioned to Father Mark that she was just not feeling the Christmas Spirit this year and wanted to know if he might have any suggestions. He suggested works of charity and service. To which she replied she was already serving in four different charities on a weekly basis.

So he quickly interjected, " How about music?"

The small woman with a tone which betrayed the concern she felt replied, "But Father, I can't play any instrument."

Smiling the priest with confidence said,"You don't need a piano or guitar or piano for Christmas Spirit - Just you - go caroling. You sing at church, right?"

Jan somewhat hopeful, replied, "Well, yeah. Sort of.  I guess I could do that."

In a reassuring tone the priest replied, "I think you will be surprised at the response you will receive. By giving you actually will also receive. Music can be very moving and spiritual. Just sing with your heart."  

Now hopeful and motivated, she oozed, "Sure. I can do that."

Selecting a two story house with green shutters in a subdivision she did not even knew existed, Jan swallowed hard and pushed on the doorbell button.

A pleasant looking middle aged man opened the door and inquired, "Can I help you?"

Jan, as if on cue, began to belt out her rendition of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" followed by a wide array of traditional hymns. 

After the performance was over. Jan noticed a tear streaming down the man's cheek. Raising a finger, the man walked away only to return with a violin. 

Standing in the doorway the man began playing "What Child is This" with tears still flowing. It was a moving experience for Jan.

She gushed, " Father Mark, said if I just sang with my heart, it would be spiritual! I never dreamed my singing was good enough to produce such a moving experience."

Calmly, with no emotion, the man replied, "It's not. I'm a professional musician." 

We hope all of you experience the joy of the Holiday Season. If not, then Santa says "Quilt something".

Best Wishes,

Janet + Randy 

Thread Bear Fabrics

Note:  The December Kaffe Mystery Quilt blocks are in and ready to pick-up.  This is the final piece of the puzzle.  We want to thank everyone who participated in the program and hope it has been enjoyable.





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