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Valentine's Day Sale

Greetings Quilters - 
As the dreaded day approaches we would like to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day.
 On news of a more cosmic nature - it appears there is a growing community of  learned people - think Harvard - that believe we have  been visited by an extraterrestrial probe. It seems an object recently entered our solar system - hung out for a bit - then left.
This was atypical behavior  for any natural occurring celestial object.  Many have speculated first contact is nigh or this was a prelude to invasion and colonization.
Me - I have another idea.  Since I sent our name, Thread Bear Fabrics, on a jump drive to Mars on "Insight", I think the word got out and ET just had to check out our great fabric selection and terrific prices!
That might explain the guy that came into my side  with his elbow out if front of him saying  "Baaaatik! Baaatik". I told him "All those are next door." (Always thinking of you Janet!)
Alien, or not, we encourage all of you to come visit us during our Valentine's Day Sale for some Sweeeet Savings!  

Valentines Sale - Ends 2/28/2019
* All Valentine Fabric on sale with saving up to 20% Off!

And to show the love, the Bear is giving you an extra 10% off your order by using the coupon code "Love".  (will not apply to contract items or BOMs)
* Spend $35.00 or more - receive a free gift! (while supplies last)
*****************Bear Essentials************
Events -
*2019 East Cobb Quilt Quild Quilt Show & Market / June 6-8 (Thursday - Friday) / 10 AM to  PM / Cobb County Civic Center - 548 South Marietta Parkway SE - Marietta, GA 30060 / Admission $10.00 / Georgia's largest and juried Quilt Show with 325 + quilts created by Georgia artists / Top Quilting Vendors / Quilted Treasures for sale / Basket Raffle / Sewing Studio Raffle / Lapel Pins / Quilt Appraisials / Postcards / Block Party Display / Raffle Quilt "Celebration" / Raffle tickets $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00 / For more information please visit  
The Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild is pleased to announce it will host its 37th Annual Quilt Show at historic Bulloch Hall, March 8-17, 2019 in Roswell, GA. This exciting 2019 show will feature over 150 unique, antique, traditional, and art quilts made by local artists and displayed throughout this beautiful antebellum home. 
Quilt show hours will be 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Admission is: adults, $8.00 seniors, $7.00 children ages 6-18 $6.00, and children under age 6 free. Bulloch Hall is located at 180 Bulloch Avenue in historic Roswell, Georgia.  This unique and beautiful mansion is the childhood home of Mittie Bulloch, mother of President Teddy Roosevelt.   
As the year advances, we will add to this list as information becomes available to us. If you are interested in or plan to attend one of these events please feel free to stop by the shop and pick up one of the event brochures complete with times, dates, and contact information. 
Charity - 
Each year Thread Bear Fabrics  donates fabric to charity.  In December we donated made to Quilts 4 Kids - a charity devoted to providing quilts to hospitalized children.
Changes - 
We are in the process of rearranging some things in the brick and mortar store. We appreciate you patience and understanding while this process is taking place.
We have updated our Credit Card Processing. Big change for us, but for you  hopefully it will be just be a new piece of electronic equipment you tap, insert, or swipe your card. From what we understand it will be similar to those found in big box stores - think Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes. The switch is supposed to be seamless. In the very least, it should force Janet to keep her desk clear. Well, there is always hope!
*Precuts - We are in the process of moving the precuts (layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls) to Janet's side in order to expand our selection of individual Fat Quarters. Many have asked, Do you have any more Fat Quarters?" We listened. They are now out.  While we are on the subject of Fat Quarters - read on.  
*Fat Quarters - As my sainted mother used to tell me "All good things come to an end."  Our $2.00 sale on Fat Quarters (the boxes on Randy's side) has been ongoing for several months. It will end Ash Wednesday March 6, 2019. They will return to normal pricing of $3.50 / Fat Quarter.
 However, there is a silver lining to this  - Throughout the month of February and for the first 5 days of the month of March the price will drop to $1.50 / Fat Quarter! 
Lowest price of the year! Since, Janet's Mom visited us and folded Fat Quarters every day, we now have a large selection. Act now and take advantage of the cheap prices and great selection!
New Arrivals - Well, we have about 80 -90 or so boxes of new fabrics yet to be opened. Not much use to try to list these here. Check out the "What's New" section on
Chances are very good, Janet will not let us run out of fabric - at least not this year.

Kaffe Fassett Mystery Quilt Solved - Come check out the "Dark Side' in 600 (Randy's side).  Jeannie Hancock has generously allowed us to display her completed Kaffe Fassett Quilt top (dark colorway). Quilting by Jean Walker. Finding out what one of these looked like without actually making it was a treasured secret. Apparently, Free Spirit does a much better job of keeping secrets than the US government. 
BOM - Janet and Tina are busy preparing kits and such. So many that I do not try to keep abreast. Announcements are to be forthcoming. However, I do possess useful information - I can tell you with certainty where the bathroom is located in the main store!  
***********************This is for the guys *********
Ok guys, it is that time of year again.  The “holiday’ of extortion is almost upon us.  Yelp – that one –“Valentines Day”.  You can continue to pay tribute to the cabal (big flower, big candy, big gift), or you can rebel. No, I do not mean get her nothing - just something that will not die, give her diabetes, nor require a second mortgage.
 Just a few pointers here – and no – just don’t ask how I know.
Flowers –
1.   Cost – Roses cost 10 times what they do any other time during the year. Well, you could visit the graveyard. After all, these people will not be smelling them anymore. Right? 
Bad idea!
 The selection is limited – most are artificial – think plastic. Not too many women like plastic flowers. 
Besides, I would venture to say most HR people will probably tell you Grave Robbing and Grave Desecration are not attributes most employers are going to value.
 Now, you could dig up Mrs. Smith’s (your neighbor) heirloom Mr. Lincoln rose bush. Alas, there is still that technicality – it is against the law. Theft by taking, trespassing, and property damage – I doubt even Judge Judy will entertain “I did it for love” defense. And the really bad thing – you don’t even get to keep the roses!
2.   Flowers are going to die. From a guy’s perspective this is a bad investment. Now, years ago, I tried to broker a deal with virtual flowers and essential oils. You know a GIF on her computer screen of blooming flowers which triggered a blast of essential oil from a USB connected atomizer. I am sure it was so revolutionary – hey it lasted as long as the computer did - Big Flower and Big Candy just squashed it.
You could buy her a live plant or a dog – they all theoretically live longer than cut flowers, but she may blame you for giving her something she has to look after. 
And then of course, there is still that dying thing. The dog may live to be 20 and she may love it to death, (pardon the pun), but someway, somehow the sorrow and pain she feels at his passing is your fault.  After all, if you had not given the dog to her, well she would not no be feeling this sadness.   
Candy (Chocolate) –
1.   Those heart shaped boxes cost a lot for the amount of chocolate you get. Plus you never get very many of the good pieces. Now, you could just give her last years Halloween candy. After all, last November you only paid 15 cents for 50 marshmallow skulls.
Bad idea!
Something about hearts – women like hearts. Oh by the way, women usually don’t like throwing up stale old candy, plus you will have to hold her long hair.
2.   It is not logical – just true. For every ounce she gains – she will blame you.  God forbid she should be diagnosed with diabetes – your Valentine Candy was definitely the cause. She might even accuse you of trying to poison her with “sugar” for a slow agonizing death. 
3. Yes, you could buy her "sugarless" chocolates, but you best read the label. Most "sugarless" chocolates contain soribtol or manitol - read laxative here. "Bet you can't eat just one" really does apply here.  Spending the night on the toilet - well - probably not her idea  of a romantic evening. Guess who is going to catch the blame for this one - YOU.
Maybe you should just skip the candy this year.  
Big Gift 
Dude, you need to realize what we as guys think is a great wonderful gift is not even in the same ballpark as what women value.
Like that deluxe vacuum cleaner with LED floor lights and headphone jack on the handle you bought her last year. All the research, price comparisons, and reviews you read - you were confident – you nailed it - perfect Valentine’ Day gift.  
The next morning, over breakfast she even said, “Honey, that new vacuum really sucks!”
NEWS FLASH - she was not talking about the 12.5 AMP motor!
Perplexed? What to do? All the traditional things have risks and limitations. How can something go sooo sideways? Being a guy can really be tough at times, but fear not. There is a solution.
Now, I can not prove this, but I believe God inspired some poor sap – had to be a guy - in just this predicament to invent the perfect gift - THE GIFT CERTIFICATE.
If she likes fabric – and I know she does - or you would not be reading this – we have a great selection of just about any kind of print she wants.
Our flowers never die and our hearts are always fresh and colorful. And although our fabrics do not carry the American Heart Association or the American Diabetes Association Seal, I have yet to know of any of our candy prints causing anyone to gain an ounce or having an A1C over 7.
The best thing is you will not have to take out a 2nd mortgage to get her that special gift.
With a Gift Certificate from Thread Bear Fabrics, she is free to make her own choices – to get something she really wants. 
 No more faux, “Oh how nice”. 
Instead you will get a genuine “Oh, I like this!”
Come into the shop (515 Sawnee Corners Blvd, Cumming, GA), call us on the phone (770-781-0001), or visit us online ( Any of these will score you a Great Valentine’s Day Present - a Thread Bear Fabrics Gift Certificate.
Oh, by the way, you are probably still going to have to "spring" for dinner - I mean everybody still has to eat, right?
 I hear this year, Waffle House is pulling out the all the stops  for Valentine's Day - white table cloths, flowers, and reservations. 
Now, "ya just gotta" admit, there is just something "romantic" about a pecan waffle and bacon!  I mean, really, who doesn't "LOVE" bacon?


Since it is Valentine's Day, just of sage advice in the "love and marriage" department:

When your husband and / or significant other is giving you "constructive criticism" like


Just hug him!

Happy Quilting, 

Janet + Randy 




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