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Clear the Shelves AKA The Black Friday Sale

Greetings Quilters, 

The holidays are streaking toward us like a comet. Now if you are a guy this is of no concern. The shopping season actually starts on 12/23-12/24, but for everyone else, well it sort of goes on all year long. So, in that vein, we decided to just not put things off soooo -

The creative Not so Creative Sale or what Janet calls "Clear the Shelves" aka The Black Friday Sale.

We are making it simple this year.  Everything in the store is on sale with two exceptions - contract items and $4.99 per yard final clearance fabrics.

This is the last BIG sale of the year - 20% off your order (with the exceptions listed above).  If the item is on sale, then the 20% is off the sale price.

Let me give you some examples.

If a fabric was $10.75 per yard and marked down to $8.99 per yard, the 20% is off the $8.99 which equals $7.19 per yard! 

Our fat quarters are normally $3.50 each.  For this sale they will be $1.80 each (boxes in suite 600), then take another 10% or $1.44 each!

Aurifil Thread which is normally $13.99 each (1422 yards) is on sale for $12.99.  Take another 20% off and you pay only $10.39 each!

Janet just paid the inventory tax bill for this year, so she is determined to clear the shelves this year for new fabrics she has already ordered.  (ie if she does not have the fabric in the shop on December 31st, she does not pay taxes on it next year)  This translates to big savings for you!

Sale is effective now and  will end at the close of Small Business Saturday 11/30/2019 (midnight on line).

Online Customers use coupon code - GEM

**************Bear Essentials*****************

* Holiday Hours -  

Thanksgiving - Thursday 11/28/2019 - Closed 

Black Friday - Friday 11/28/2019 - Closed 

Small Business Saturday - Super Saturday - 11/30/2019 -
Open Early 9 AM - 5 PM 

Christmas Eve - Tuesday 12/24/2019 - Close at 2 PM (Yes this is for the guys!)

Christmas - Wednesday 12/25/2019 - Closed 

Week after Christmas Thursday 12/26/2019 - 1/1/2020 -Closed 

New Year's Day - Wednesday 1/1/2020 - Closed 

Day After New Year - Thursday 1/2/2020 Open Regular Hours 10 AM - 5 PM

* Rumors - Scuttlebutt has it, Janet and Jaime (daughter) are going to Europe for an unspecified time in 2020. Keep your ears open. I may not know a whole lot about quilting, but I can sell you the stuff to quilt - cheap! 

*Look for our Christmas Panel section in white cabinet in window on Randy's side. They will be there till the Holidays are over. Since they will all be in one place, we hope this will help those trying to find a particular panel without having to ask Janet, "Where is it?"

* Check out all the new gifts for quilters - most will be located on the glass shelf in the main Store. Can't really miss it - Joseph made the shelf into a Christmas Tree. 

*To stay on the "good side" of Tina and Janet - although our Holiday mat will be out I will not turn on the music till Super Saturday.

* We will again this year be giving away empty component boxes (think small) for FREE.  These boxes are great to use for all those stocking stuffers and for guys that are thinking about putting gifts in baggies (it has a blue stripe on the top - that's festive! Right?)  (note from Janet - Randy has been known to put money in toilet bowl cleaner boxes - festive right?)

* Off course, as always, we will give you all of the empty fabric bolts (for some reason Janet will not let me give away those with fabric still on them) for those holiday special projects - bulletin boards, installing floors, building forts, and so on.

From Randy's Desk:

Over the years many have tried to define or measure "Creativity". There are number of rote definitions of "creativity" from turning dreams and ideas into reality to the essence of being fully alive. Many believe this elusive thing - "Creativity" - is divine or you either have it or you don't. But what about work arounds, life hacks, ingenuity in everyday tasks - doesn't that count?  

Many people come into the shop and say,

"Oh, I could never do that. I'm just not creative." 

I believe creativity is tied up with satisfaction and perception. Maybe we should stop devoting so much time and resources trying to define it or quantify it - and just enjoy it.

Here's an example of creativity....

It was finally down to the last remaining candidates for the position of field agent for the secret government agency. The "Room of Truth" was a test most never spoke of or if they did it was some euphemistic phrase like "it will show you a part of your inner self". 

Tom Spickle, 28, recently married, spoke 7 languages, son of a diplomat, culturally diverse, and highly skilled had always dreamed of being an agent.  Tom was handed a Glock 22 and told to enter the room where he would receive further instructions. Upon entering the entirely lit and mostly barren room a male voice calmly addressed Tom:

"Candidate Spickle, as an agent,  sometimes in the course of service you may be called upon to perform acts which to lesser people may seem uncomfortable."

A light clicked on illuminating the far corner of the room where a hooded person bound and gagged was seated in a solitary collapsible chair. From nail polish, size of hands - feet, and the small stature, Tom believed the figure to be female.

Again the voice,
"Remove the hood and execute the subject."

Tom, spoke to the disembodied voice,
"Why must this person die? What have they done?

The voice replied,
" This is none of your concern. Remove the covering and complete the task."

Stepping forward somewhat gingerly, Tom pulled back the covering revealing a tightly gagged pert mouth, a comely and smooth face, and large green eyes blazing with fear, rage, and anticipation. 

Instantly recognizing his wife of 18 months, Tom was filled with horror, range, and raw emotion.  

"No! Absolutely not! You people are monsters."

Dropping to his knees, he quickly begin to untie her as the door bust open and four burly guards quickly seized the pair and dragged them toward the exit.

Jan, 34, a quilter, and mother of two saw the gagged and obviously terrified tearful woman and an unhinged Tom - who in training was always so cool in almost any situation.

Turning to the analyst flanking the door, the astute quilter said in a questioning voice exclaimed,

"Wow! This must be intense!?"

This comment did not garner any acknowledgement from the white coat.

As the distraught couple vanished around the corner with the assistance of the burly guards and the scene returned to something resembling normal, the white coat gestured toward the door and spoke while handing her a Glock.

"You're next." 
  Popping though the door with energy and teaming with excitement, she was somewhat disappointed until the voice stopped talking and the light came on in the corner of the room. After the instructions were given, she asked the room,

"So, let me get this right. You want me to kill this person?"

To which the voice replied,

"Carry out your assignment."   

Jan muttered to herself,
"Well alright."

With a forceful and determined gate, Jan approached the subject. Roughly, snatching the hood back she only hesitated slightly when her husband's familiar face was revealed. 

With a twinkle in her eye and in her best bedroom voice she said, 

"Hey sweetie" 

Quickly raising the gun in her hand and aiming it at his forehead, she squeezed the trigger seven times. Moaning from the noise and the terrible situation he found himself in, he began to plead with his eyes.

Jan, confused - where's the blood? Where's the brains?

She exclaimed, "What the deuce!?"   

Moving to the side she emptied the remainder of the clip to her husband' s right temple at point blank range.

All of a sudden the room was plunged into complete darkness.  As the attendants struggled to get the door open, a loud crashing noise and muffled screams were heard emanating from the sealed room.

Bursting through the door and snapping on the lights the guards were greeted with a surreal scene. Jan, her clothes covered in blood splatters was standing over her victim with blood soaked hands.  She was beaming and obviously excited from completing her assignment successfully.

As one guard took the Glock from her bloody hand another knelt an checked for a pulse on the body. Shaking his head he calmly announced,

"He's dead."

Jan spurted, 

"Well I sure hope so!  I mean I know it was part of the test - you know - to test my creativity, my ability to improvise under stressful conditions.  When I figured out the gun was loaded with blanks - I just knew what ya'll were after.

I tried to choke him, but my hands just weren't big enough to get a good grip. And then, as if it wasn't already hard enough, you guys turned out the lights!

So, I just knew this was just another part of the test. Again I improvised - pushed the chair over straddled him found his head and used the butt of the Glock to finish him."  I mean, was that not totally creative or what?!


Remember, creativity is the weapon of choice for quilters. 

Hears to hoping all of your projects are creative, and drop dead gorgeous.

Happy Holiday!

Randy + Janet

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