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Tic Tic Tic ... 3 weeks to go....

Greetings Quilters, 

Can you hear it? Christmas is marching toward us at breakneck speed - less than three weeks! For all those with gifts to buy we have our


* End of Bolt (EOB) usually 5% now under 5 yards 10% off over 5 yards 15% off lowest price! We will even give you the bolt (and a whole lot more empty bolts if you want - your grand kids can build a fort for Christmas). (Excludes $4.99 fabrics). 

* All  Bolted Batiks (excludes $4.99 fabrics) 15% Off!

* All gifts (cups, novelty items, stationary sets, etc) 15% Off!

* Free gift with any purchase! (in store only)

* Free patterns (black drawer in file cabinet on Randy's side) 

On line customers use code COMET

Sale ends midnight Sunday 12/15/2019


Special thanks to all for making Small Business Saturday the most successful business day in our history!

 A couple of things to ponder while stuck in Holiday traffic:

* Do you think Santa has the old Stones song "You can't always get what you want" for a ringtone? (for all those people who received a fruitcake)

* Do you think Santa orders at a restaurant the way he talks? "Ive checked it once. I've checked it twice. I am going to find out if the Merlo is nice."
* Ever wonder why Christmas lists got started? I suspect some kid asked for an ipad and received a Johnson and Johnson eye pad. 

* Ever wonder why Holidays seem to hinder communication:
It was Christmas Eve and the distraught woman was anxiously picking through the few remaining turkeys. In desperation, she hailed the Meat manager,

                     "Hey, do these turkeys get any bigger?" 

His reply was somber, 

                     "No madam. They're all dead"

* Ever wonder why gifts that you would not consider are just plain perfect the closer you get to Christmas Day?

Two guys talking at the bar:

"So Joe, what did you get your girlfriend for Christmas?

Joe: I haven't started shopping yet. It is a bit early. It is only 12/22." What are you going to get your wife?

Stan: I already got it. I bought her a diamond ring. 

Joe: I am impressed. Early and such an extravagant and expensive gift. But didn't she want a new red Maserati? 

Stan: Yeah, but where am I going to find a fake Maserati?  

We hope all of your Holiday Wishes come true, 

Janet + Randy





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