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Store Operations For March

Dear Quilting Friends,

I want to thank everyone for their support over the past year with the passing of my mother.  Randy and I have been in N.C. for the last few days working on her estate and I hope to have it closed within the month.  I know many of you are dealing with issues and my prayers go out to you as it is a very stressful process full of emotion and family issues. 

I mention this as while we were driving, one of the items we discussed was the Cornavirus.  What we should do, when and how.  Many of us are in the higher risk category and I am very concerned with how rapidly this virus is spreading and the ease of transference.  While we had decided to cut back hours and offer local delivery within so many miles as we had no cases in this county, when we arrived at the shop this morning this all changed.

It appears a positive case identified recently in Forsyth county has an indirect connection to quilting (his wife is a quilter). While he did not enter the shop, as we all know quilters are a social group. As a precaution, we are acting to reduce the chances of exposure to you our customers,  our staff, and us.

We have decided that for the remainder of the month -

We will come to the shop to process mail orders only.  If you want to place a mail order, you can mark it has pick-up in store and we will deliver the package at the door with separation.  We will offer pick-up between the hours of 12:30 - 3:00 pm or call and make an appointment.

To ease the burden of shipping, I am going to reduce the cost of shipping to $5.00 for orders over $35.00.

We are going to start an deep clean of the shop this week and will we reopen the shop on Wednesday, April 1st.

I know this is an inconvenience, but we want all of our customers to be safe and stay healthy.  We appreciate your business and Randy and I will be at the shop if you want to call in your order or make special arrangements.

A thought from Randy -
In this trying time, remember,  this scourge effects only people - not fabric. We have plenty of fabric. I assure you Janet will not let us run out. And on a more practical and positive note, as most of you all realize fabric has  a multitude of uses - you can make super intricate beautiful things  with it - like quilts. You can use it for warmth. You can use it to wipe up spills. You can make apparel - nice clothes and such. You can make tableware projects - coasters, runners, placemats.  The list is plentiful. But let us not forget - one of the great things about fabric - you can wash it. So if all the stores have run out of toilet paper, well I am just saying.....

Best Wishes and stay safe and well,

Janet + Randy

Contact store at 770-781-0001

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