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Store Update April

Greetings to all, 

Happy Easter! Hope all is well. This is an update for April: 

*As the federal, state, and local authorities have extended the mandatory shelter in place order through April 30, 2020, Thread Bear Fabrics brick and mortar store will remained closed to the public till at least April 30, 2020. However, we are accepting online orders ( and via phone (770/781/0001). We also offer outside store pickup for our local customers. 

* As recommended, we seek to minimize personal contact as much as possible. This is for your safety and ours.

* We are normally in the shop by 11:00 AM and leave by 5:00 PM

*During the Pandemic we have lowered shipping for all domestic orders over $35.00 to a flat rate $5.00. So yes - you can order $2,000 worth of fabric and get it shipped for $5.00!

* Many of our suppliers are closed during the pandemic for unspecified lengths of time. Many of our orders have been placed on hold. That being said, we still are receiving new products from some of our distributors on an almost daily basis. If you have a special order, your patience is greatly appreciated. If we can get it - then you will get it. It just may take  longer than normal. 

* Many have asked about masks. We  donated 389 yards of fabric to Sewing Masks For Atlanta Hospitals just last week. This is just one of the many groups with the goal of making masks for medical personnel. They have a facebook page. There are a number of groups, patterns, and kits floating around the web.

* Another place to visit is  This is a highly detailed site with patterns, videos, how to instructions, 1,000,000 mask challenge, links to groups in your area, plus a hospital list by state with the number of masks needed and what type they prefer. 

* Our neighbor, Vector Quilts, has mask kits and a bin for completed masks outside their door.  Call 470-297-5104 or 470-239-0451 for information. 

* Once you have gone through your stash for mask making - for some of you that may take a while - please remember we have colleges, sports teams, superheroes, cartoon characters fabric for almost any subject - when you decide to make that mask personal or special - we ask you to  think of us.  Janet has put some great fabric collections on deep discounts under "Featured" on the homepage that will make great masks.
* Elastic. Sorta like toilet paper - had to get. We have 1,200 yards coming next week. Janet will post on facebook when it is available. Please note the last 576 yards only lasted 3 days! The only thing we have a commitment on is 1/4 inch white. We have a lot more ordered of varying sizes, but there is a shortage. Janet will advise when it arrives.  

* Many are using 1/2 inch double fold bias tape in lieu of elastic. We have a limited supply in assorted colors. 

* We are still generating empty fabrics bolts on a daily basis. They are outside the door. They are free! Take all you want.  Why not reorganize your sewing room  while you are home? 


We have been busy checking in new products. As I am technologically challenged (read dumb), so  I will do this the old fashioned way - just write it out. There are several hundred items. I will just do one vendor with each update. Just type in the name or number into the search box on  Janet does hers on "New Arrivals" on our website. 

Atlanta Braves 6631-b (Remember baseball?)

Patriotic Mickey 69573

Pooh Everyday 69471 Panel

Pooh and Piglet 67468 

Poohs House 67469

Golf Happy Collection ( It is now illegal in NJ and PA. Remember when golf was legal?)



Army Eagle Decal Panel al378 9c-1

Biker by Choice al3765 9c-1 (Makes you believe in vampires!)

At The Harbor al13763 pc-1

Pumpkin Patch Panel ML3060 9c1

Vintage Trucks Panel Cream 21000

Vintage Trucks 21002 Green 

Dinotopica AL3763-921 Multi 

NFL Fabrics - These are 45" Wide vintage or to use the NFL term 'throwback". (yeah there actually was a New England Patriots before Tom Brady!)

Patriots 14447d

Buccaneers 70321d

Panthers 70326d

Bengals 70282d 

Brown 70276d

Jaguars 70289d

Lions 70295d 

Ravens 70249d

Texans 70251d

Steelers 70281d 

The following are fleece:

Seattle Seahawks 14780-d Holiday

Dallas Cowboys 14778-d Stripe 

Pittsburg Steelers Sherpa 70186-d Plaid 


Stay tuned much more to come to come next update.


Covid19 has certainly changed life. Who would have ever thought the new fashion style is "the Frito Bandito". Remember him? Did I mention we actually have bandanna fabric. Not only can you use it to make a colorful Covid19 mask but also in a life of crime!

A couple of thoughts:

* New Zealand does not want to flatten the curve. They want to eliminate the virus. As I write this they have 1,200 or so cases and one death. They also declared the "Easter Bunny" essential. Coincidence? I think not.

 * Another reason to stay safe - If you die due to Covid19 you husband might actually sell all your machines and fabric for what you told him you paid for them!

* Ever think your kids are beginning to believe the Coronavirus Rules make yours look like suggestions? Maybe, just maybe, they will think you aren't so strict after all.  

* Since there is less traffic, less driving  - do you think the accident / injury lawyers will switch over to divorce - since people are spending more time at home?

* Social scientists have speculated this virus may bring and end to the handshake. Many have offered suggestions for a suitable replacement. I offer up the but rub. Safe (it is the wrong end for transmission) yet personal. The firm handshake will turn into the "toned rear". Different designs and techniques (vertical, side to side, figure eight ,...) - an emoji of touch! However,  the old European custom of kissing a woman's hand - well lets just not go there!

 * If you need 150 rolls of toilet paper for a 14 day quarantine then you probably should have sought medical attention long before cornavirus arrived.

* If you ever had your house rolled or rolled a house in high school or college - think how much money it was worth now.

* Things may change in singles bars - "I saw you from across the bar, stay there"

* A new pick up line, There is no virus with out "u" and "i".

* Remember the baby boom due to the power outage years ago in NY ?  Fast forward to 2033 - a new demographic - the "Quarantines".

*When the banks open again and someone in a mask  actually robs one, do you think they will say, "Thank goodness! It was only a robbery!"   .

*You know how we like to give colorful names to things - like in parachuting malfunctions - the horseshoe - Well when a person with a mask only behind one ear (ie it is drooping) - I give you the Vincent van Gogh!

When I am forced to do things - even if it is the right thing to do - my mind  plays "what if". Janet, has always said I am warped.

 Like most guys, I like sports. Since they have all been canceled and ESPN is promoting sporting events 10-15 years old or like the other night voting for which song was better the theme for The A Team or Mission Impossible - Really?!!! Newsflash - ESPN - That is NOT what I consider sports.  Now,  I am sure they face their own challenges just like any business during these difficult times. For example, the play by play commentators have to be a bit rusty.

Note from Janet:  I edited the remainder - yes Randy does get edited...think of an adult activities play by play and you'll understand.  Randy is really warped.....

Until next time, 

Stay Safe and Sew on.

Janet + Randy 




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