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July 4th Sale

Dear Quilting Friends,

As we approach the 4th of July holiday it sets in that another 1/2 year has slipped away. 

Fall, Halloween, and Christmas fabrics are starting to show up in the deliveries.  Our vendors are still behind in receiving goods and shipping them to shops, but they are starting to catch up as I see the delivery volume is increasing.  Currently there is no rhyme or reason to arrivals.  I may get precuts in before the collection or weeks afterwards.  I reviewed my Moda order dates and I have received one expected May delivery order, but I still have some March and several April delivery orders that have not yet arrived.  The same is true for many of my other vendors.  Bottom line this year is about unpredictability and patience. 

Below are some of our recent arrivals.  To view more of our new collections, please visit

Thread Bear Fabrics

and check our "New Arrivals" on our homepage.

Boudoir is Basic Grey's new line.  If you loved "Little Black Dress", you'll love this collections. 

Flowers and Feathers from P & B Textiles is a light and airy collection of birds and flowers. 

Fig Tree & Co's Pumpkins and Blossoms is a beautiful fall collections with plenty of great background prints.

If you love Halloween projects, then this year's selection will give you plenty of options.  Urban Chik's Kitty Korn has a nice retro feel while Tim Holtz's Region Be Yone is more ominous.  Then arriving next week will be Renee Nanneman's Hootenanny collection that features Renee's signature colors.

Our latest Christmas arrivals include Postcard Holiday, Gingerbread Lane, Home Sweet Home and Merry & Bright. 

Also, new wide backs have been arriving.  I believe we now have over 270 wide backs in stock.

Its 90 degrees outside and we have a whole host of new flannels. For those of you who subscribe to the evaporation principle -sweat evaporates into the air and cools your body off - great - we have plenty of new flannels designed to generate plenty of sweat in this heat. 

So whatever you next planned project, we have the fabrics.  So many fabrics have been arriving, we have not found a home for several collections and still have more boxes to open.

A final note before we go over the 4th of July sale is Christmas in July.  We are planning this event the end of July as many of our Christmas fabrics have not yet arrived. 

Now for the sale....

The following categories will be in this sale:

*Americana & Patriotic

*Grunge by Moda

*Threads - All brands (Aurifil, Mettler, Cosmos, Sulky,Sullivans, Glide, and Superior)

*Randy's Christmas table in suite 600 (In store only as most of these are not online.)

Use coupon code "Fireworks" to receive 15% off these products.  The sale will start tonight and end on Saturday, July 10th.

We will be closed our normal days, Sunday and Monday for the holiday. 

Randy and I hope you have a safe holiday.  This holiday please remember our service members who safeguards our country and allows us to enjoy our freedom.

Happy Quilting,
Janet & Randy

Just a few things to ponder while you are in your lawn chair waiting for the fireworks to start: 

* Ever read the bottom of the fireworks "Not intended for use by children. To be used only under adult supervision".  Yeah, the guy that just finished his 25th shot of tequila - let's give him a match and all the roman candles. That sounds like the responsible thing to do. Remember: Drink the booze and light the fuse!! 

* Buying fireworks from "Three Finger Don's Firework Emporium" may not be the savoy shopper's choice. 

*Fireworks are much more amazing when you are not checking your iPhone.  

* Even though your daughters t shirt is in patriotic colors, "I'M FREE! RU?" may have a double meaning.  

* Red, white, and blue - patriotic colors right? Then why do some police cars have these colors on the light bars? When I get pulled over,  freedom is not what comes to mind. 

* Those of you worried about Covid at your celebration might want to specify the requirements. If you don't qualify "Enter if you have had both shots" someone will show up with two shot glasses. 

* Benjamin Franklin was reputed to be wise. Maybe this saying was his, and just did not make the history books: "He who drinks a fifth on the 4th may not go forth on the 5th". 

We wish all of you a Happy and Safe 4th of July. Party like a Patriot and here's to hoping all of you can count to five on each of your hands on the 5th of July.

Quilt on,

Janet + Randy  

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