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The Christmas in July ??? Sale

Greeting Quilters, 

Merry Christmas!! T minus 123 days and counting. They say Christmas comes but once a year. However, they didn't say anything about Christmas Sales. Soooo - again Merry Christmas and hope y'all enjoy!  This one is awesome - no lists, no who's naughty or nice, no dress up, no catch phrases or coupons - everyone gets 15% off!

The sale is simple:

*15% off all fabrics (In the spirit of Christmas, I included all fabrics not just Christmas related)

* Includes pre-cuts (layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs, etc) 

(Now if you can convince Janet that red thread is really a piece of fabric - then more power to you, and I definitely need to learn your powers of persuasion - Randy wants at 42" drum fan for Christmas!)

* Starts now. Ends 9/11/2021 at midnight. 

*  Use coupon code xmas2021


As many of you have commented - "you seem to have a lot more fabric".  You are correct. Bet the dead giveaway was turning sideways to get in the door! Lots of new stuff along with many new collections of Christmas Fabrics, gifts, notions, threads, and other new products are arriving daily.

Be sure to check the "New Arrival" section on 

Just this month for Christmas we have received: 

All About Christmas (Janet Wicker Fresh for Riley Blake)

Gnome-antics (Wilmington Prints)

Christmas Morning 

Under The Mistletoe

Merry And Bright 

Post Card Christmas 

Red Barn Christmas 

Starflower Christmas 

Warm Winter Wishes

Holiday Flourish 14

and many many more....

Another good section to look at is "Marked Down Categories". This has thousands of yards of fabrics reduced to clear. There are so many,  the fabric bolts will not reflect the mark down price. For example Mirah Batiks - all Mirah Batiks - are marked down to $6.99/yd, but the bolts may show $10.99-$12.99.  Janet is getting red to do more markdowns so watch for those falling prices.

The good thing is that the 15% off is on markdown fabrics as well. 

Finally, a few errant thought on the Holiday Season:

Ever think a couple of years from now:

Sarah -  I hate it!  I got to get my brother a Christmas present! 

Friend - So, what did you give him last year?

Sarah - Covid.
*Mother of 4 year old Christmas wish to Santa - Declare ketchup a vegetable. 

* They say you can be addicted to almost anything - chocolate, alcohol, drugs, - but Christmas? Imagine an Ornaments Anonymous Meeting:

Chet - Hi. My name is Chet and I am an ornament.

All - Hey Chet. 

Chet - Well, I have been hanging on Christmas trees for the past twenty years and ....

*Gifts - Some good, some bad, but ever wonder about the ones somebody conceived (what were they thinking?), but just never made it to the store shelves:    

The Yo ... - It never comes back up.  The concept - Teaches kids about warranties.

The Learn About Puberty Chia Pet.  The concept - Teaches kids about unwanted hair growth. 

Waring Art - Turns an ordinary blender or food processor into a spinning paint tool. The concept - Self actualization - any kid has the potential to be the next Picasso.  

The Little Natural Hornet Farm - The concept - Find out if your kid is allergic to bee stings. 

Water Retention Wanda Doll - Prepare your kid for future life events. The concept -  Teaches kids to use a calendar effectively. 

*I am not that fun of flying - especially during the Holiday Season - but most definitely when the TSA agent has hung a sprig of mistletoe over the body scanner. 

Just a few quotes about the Holidays from some well known people:

“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store, and he asked for my autograph.” — Shirley Temple

It’s always consoling to know that today’s Christmas gifts are tomorrow’s garage sales.”— Milton Berle

And of course my favorite - ”Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.” — Gary Allan

Best Wishes and Keep Quilting, 

Janet + Randy  




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