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Let's Party - It Our 14th Anniversary Sale!

Greeting Quilters, 

Fall - Bring on the cooler weather (It has been great!), FOOTBALL (Awesome!!!), Food, Friends, Family, and oh yeah let's not forget
F A B R I C!!! 
Regardless of the season. somethings never change - yes - Janet is still ordering fabric. We have plenty of new offerings - of course fabrics (especially flannel), but also other items - like notions and gifts. For example, Bluetooth mini speakers shaped like Disney characters and UGA helmets, Giant Golden (this refers to the color folks - sorry they are NOT 24 karat gold) thimbles, novelty towels ("There is no warning label on fabric. That means is can't be addictive. Right?"), plus many more items.  Be Sure to check out the "New Arrivals" and "Markdown" sections on

Another event occurs in Fall - Thread Bear Fabrics' Anniversary - Fourteen years! So in honor of this milestone, our
Fall Anniversary Sale is pretty simple -14% off.
That's 14% of everything save MAP items (Creative Grid Rulers, BOM, 30% off fabric, $4.99 fabric etc).

This can result in significant savings for may reasons:

1. Janet hardly ever puts notions on sale - notions fall under everything. 

2. The 14% is off on sale and markdown items. For example all Mirah Batiks are on markdown - no matter what the bolt price says they are $6.99 per yard. Take 14% off - the new price is $6.01 per yard.

3.The 14% can be combined with other coupons (EOB, Bounce Back, Come Back). For example, Our marked down Mirah Batik at the $6.99 mark down price plus 5% for EOB (can only be applied at the store), plus 10% for Bounce Back or Come Back coupons, plus 14% for Fall Anniversary Sale produces a new price of $4.96 per yard for this terrific batik!!

*Sale ends Saturday October 16th. 
*Online customers use Coupon Code:  14th.

 Thread Bear Fabrics

****************Bear Essentials*****

*Cumming County Fair - October 7-17. Visit for details. 

* Cumming Greek Festival - October, 15-17. Visit  for details. 

New Arrivals: Are you kidding. I would age prematurely if I tried to list all of them. Just come visit us. 

*Another idea shot down in flames - As you may know Janet has veto power. We were at a distributor. They had marijuana fabric. Told Janet we could do a special promotion - we could sell it by the ounce instead of by the yard - package 1 yard cuts in plastic bags - sell them for $10 per bag - the dime bag is back! Rename it  - "Thread Bear Gold" - The jingle - " No filler no fluff that you don't need (inhale deeply here) Thread Bear Gold is bad ass weed" (exhale slowly here). T-shirts with a picture of the print with "Thread Bear Gold" embroidered  underneath and the logo  "My stash is legal" on the back with Thread Bear Fabrics on the right sleeve and an marijuana leaf on the other sleeve. Free bag of of Cheetos (for the munchies) with every 5 yards purchased.

Alas, all I got was "Really"?!! from Janet. We ended up buying butterfly fabric. 


We appreciate and value your business.  Without you there would not be a Thread Bear Fabrics.  Thank you for patronage and continued support.

Happy Quilting,

Randy & Janet & The Thread Bear Fabrics Team





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