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Randy"s Back Sale

Greetings Quilters, 

Hope all of you are finding much joy in this Advent season. I received an unexpected blessing. Apparently, I have survived a near death experience. A rumor has been circulating that I have died. Now, a month ago I felt like death warmed over, but alas all those seeking my demise are just going to have to wait.

A customer called to check on store hours and offer condolences. The daughter answered the phone saying, 

"Well Randy made me coffee this morning. Now he could have died between now and then, but no wait - guess not - he is coming through the door. Want to talk with him?"   

And before you ask - no I am not a Cylon. 

At any rate, I am glad to be here and to celebrate my return We would like to proclaim the

Randy's Back Sale:

*All Anthology Batiks 20% off!

*Yuletide Gathering Flannels from Moda  - 20% off!

*Gnome-anitics  from Wilmington Prints - 20% off!

*Home Sweet Holidays from Moda - 20% off!  

* Precut fat quarters - the ones on Randy's side - in the boxes - $1.50! No Limit. Lowest price of year!

For in store shoppers all the items mentioned save for the Anthology Batiks are located on Randy's side.

For on line shoppers use code RB21

Sale starts Friday 12/3/2021 - Saturday 12/11/2021 

Also as an extra bonus from now until we close on Christmas Eve, the end the bolt discount will be 10% instead of 5%.  

We have a lot of great fabrics to choose from and each week we until the end of the year, we will offer special discounts on various collections  We hope you enjoy.

Advent is a time for sharing and giving. We at Thread Bear strive all year long to provide high quality quilting and sewing products a great prices. We try even harder during the holidays. As is our custom, we will have free shipping and component boxes of varying sizes and shapes plus free craft paper. They will be located outside the store until 12/24/2021 or until we run out (fat chance of that!). If you need larger boxes for shipping, they are available inside store. 

 For the men:
Now guys, I know the Christmas shopping season does not start for us until the 23rd and it is way early in the season to talk about packaging - but trust me she will like that diamond ring (the one with the blood stain around the diamond - hey it washes off right?) you bought from 3 Fingers Lenny on the corner of 14th street in a box instead of a baggie.  Now I know you think she has X-ray vision, but in August she could not peer inside the lawn mower to tell you the piston was cracked - so chances are she will not be able to see inside the box in December. Dude, add some anticipation / mystery. A baggie? Really? It's see through unless you reuse one. Be sure to wipe out the mustard first!  Besides with a box you get folded corners - all for FREE!!  

Why pay for a box for shipping? Ours are free! Take one take they all. Trust me Janet is not going to stop ordering. Just like the old Cheetos commercial "We'll make more!"  

As Janet has now officially joined me as a member of the senior citizens club, I offered some new perspective. A comment like "You are really good in bed" now means you don't take all the covers.  


Finally, something to ponder during the holidays.

Do you think they will ever have holiday gifts from federal and governmental agencies?

Just imagine a goofy stuffed animal reindeer wearing a set of headphones. Dressed in a festive T-shirt with glitter "NSA" embossed across the chest. And in keeping with the Holiday Season, squeeze either front hoof and "Do You Hear What I Hear" plays. At the end of the song a recorded message plays ' "Unlike your family, we always listen. Happy Holidays from you friends at the NSA!".

I wonder if you bought it, would it be tax deductible? 

Keep Quilting and all our best to all of you,

Janet + Randy + Tina 




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