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Here Comes Christmas (in June)

Greetings Quilters, 

Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas for the year. 
T minus 6 months and counting! They say Christmas comes but once a year. However, they did not say anything about Christmas Sales! We have so much Christmas in stock and the new collections have started to arrive.  Our Christmas shelves are packed, so we need to make room for more Christmas collections that will be arriving soon.  Sooo again, Merry Christmas and hope y'all enjoy!

*****************Christmas In June Sale *********************

* All Christmas Fabrics and pre-cuts 25% Off!

Follow the link below to see what is in the Christmas category:

Christmas Sale

Begins now. Ends June 21 (1st day of Summer).

Online customers use coupon code: Jingle 

As many of you have commented - "you seem to have a lot more fabric".  You are correct. Bet the dead giveaway was turning sideways to get in the door! Lots of new stuff along with many new fabric collections, gifts, notions, threads, and more products that are arriving daily.

An out of town customer asked, " Are you from Mars?"

I responded, "No. Why do you ask?"

She exclaimed, "Cause your selection is out of this world!"

Grinning and touching my finger to my lips I replied, "Shhhhhh! We are taking over the planet one yard at a time."


Be sure to check the "New Arrival" section on 
It grows larger and larger. 


As many of you know Janet, was set to go under the knife again Monday. The surgery has been canceled as the Dr. has tested positive for COVID.    To be rescheduled soon.

 Of course we would be amiss, if we did not acknowledge Father's Day. Here's to all Fathers. Here is a quote I have always liked:

"It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing,

but there is a special place in heaven

for the father who takes his daughter shopping."

~ John Sinor

Been there! Done that! Courage takes many forms!

Best wishes to all Dads and much hope that you do not receive a pink neck tie! 

Just a couple of suggestions for all the kids that can sew  - yeah most all of us Dads would love a vintage primo  57' chevy or a gleaming new Bugatti - but for practical and cheaper alternatives:

* 1. Make a cord hanger / holder

Scrap of fabric 16" X 3" (minimum) , button hole and a fold over with a hole in it. Outdoor electical cords  are heavy, especially if they are 12 AWG and 50 feet or better. So, SEW, SEW, SEW! Reinforce sides, holes, everything. It's not about aesthetics. It is about function.

* 2. Make a flag for long items protruding from a vehicle (truck).
Anything protruding from the rear of a vehicle should be flagged in red. The plastic ones they give you at Lowe's and Home Depot usually don't last out of the parking lot before they blow off.  Supposed to be visible from sides and rear for 500 feet. Make this one and the traffic copter can spot him! 

You will need a worn bath towel (not pink nor red, the more holes the better), 3 red (must be red that is code) red grease rags or red scrap 18" X 18",  ( 4 (42" X 1.5" inch strips of cloth. Sew towel into a "bag". Resew, double stitch, reinforce. Fold 42" X 1.5" Strips over so they are 42" X .75" SEW, SEW, SEW. Put an empty box into bag (largest one that will fit. Mark to four "corners of the open end of the bag. Attach reinforced 42" X .75" to your marks on open side of towel. SEW, SEW, SEW. Evenly space and attach red flags on point to closed end of towel. Avoid the color pink!
To use slide your "bag" over end of protruding object. Secure with the attached straps to hold downs, D-rings, etc. in truck. You will not have to tie tight as the air will tighten while driving.

 Function - As you drive down the road the air bellows out the "bag" and the flags flutter. 

Storage - After unloading, untie and roll up. Put the three straps inside "bag" or inside roll. Use the other strap to secure roll with bow.  

Be prepared for "Where did you get that and will she make me one?" when loading at home depot or Lowe's. 

 Note from Janet:  Pictures are valuable in these projects.  When Randy told me what he wanted to make I kept telling him I don't understand.  I made him draw me a picture so I could make his patterns.  He wrote the instructions for these projects, so if it reads technical please understand.

Something to link together "strange things Dads think about" and our Pre Christmas Sale:

Ever wonder while Godzilla is terrorizing Tokyo if he looks at high rise apartment buildings as Advent calendars? And behind this window is yet another tasty treat!  


AAAH - The dreaded Dad logic:

* It takes guts to be an organ donor.

*My bank is great! Sooo complimentary. They keep telling me I have an outstanding balance. 

*I know there is a Czechoslovakia dating app called Czechmate.

*A zombie's butt is called a deadass.

*Observing a crime at an Apple store makes you an I-witness. 

*The Dr. said I had gained excess weight. Good to know he realizes I have grown as a person since my last visit.  

*Never raise you hand to your kid. It leaves your groin exposed. 


Finally, only one Dad riddle:

Why did Han Solo become vegetarian? 
Because the last steak he had was Chewy.


Until next time,

Keep Quilting and Best Wishes to all Dads.

Janet + Tina + Randy + Joseph

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