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Labor Day Sale

Greetings Quilters,

I trust all is well with you all.   After 6 months of anticipation - amid fears it just might not come at all this year – finally, the season is upon us. No, I am not so much speaking about Fall (although this most definitely allows Fall to be more memorable), but something much more important –the season of   F O O T B A L L!!!   The season that keeps on giving for 6 glorious months!!!  Although, the NFL and NCAA would not actively take credit for marriage reconciliation and elevating the quality of life - it is in the very least “quality time” for most guys. 

Now, I understand, some of you may not share in such reverence for the very game which prevents civilization from dissolving into complete anarchy. That is why “The Bear” (a fully stocked quilt shop) is here to help you feel better about the gridiron.

So, in an altruistic effort to integrate Football and Quilting, we are upgrading our current sale and extending it for another week - PLUS (and this Is a BIG PLUS) if UGA (rated #3) (Why UGA? - Well we are a Georgia Quilt Shop after all.) wins this Saturday 9/3/2022 against  Oregon (rated #11) you get another 5%!  Even if they lose, (heaven forbid!!) you still get a 10% off our store inventory with the exception of contract items.

Now, for all you math majors, it is possible to combine a mark down fabric (Janet has been busy marking down hundreds of fabrics - some up to 30% less than original price - check, the Labor Day Sale (10%), End Of Bolt (5%), and another 5% if UGA wins adds ups to a possible 50% off original price!!! Really!! "Now, who doesn't like football??!!!


* 10% win or loose

* 5% more if UGA wins (YOU WANT UGA TO WIN - I mean unless you are from Oregon - who doesn't want UGA to win? Right?) Game is 3:30 PM in Atlanta on ABC.

* Sale goes into effect today 9/3/2022 and if UGA wins, then the sale discount will be increased to 15% off

* Online customers use code: Labor22
* Like my sainted Mom used to tell me "All good things come to an end" and so does this sale at midnight 9/11/2022.



Note to Janet - It's on!! 

Why could the NCSU football team not get into the parking lot? Because some UNC students wrote "End Zone" at the entrance!


Note from Janet:  I guess you can tell that Randy graduated from UNC and I am a NCSU graduate.  Really Randy!

Now, I know the rest of the world wants you to buy a mattress this Labor Day, but why not show your love for fabric, watch some football, spend some time with family and friends, enjoy a meal, and definitely plan your next quilt!    

Besides, with our fabric no – DO NOT REMOVE TAG UNDER PENALTY OF LAW  tags – The "Mattress Police" are not going to arrest you for making a quilt from high quality fabrics  (now if the points don’t match then you best worry about the "Quilt Police", but that is a different animal).  

Now Janet, my beloved wife, is a tag person. She is compelled to remove tags as soon as she owns something. She is forever pulling tags off of me.  Of course, when I informed her she was defeating the purpose of the tag she retorted “You already know what it cost – you bought it”.  

I responded, "But if you take off the tag, then how is anyone going to know it’s new?” 

Got a “You ain’t right look”  from my significant other.

I have not checked our mattresses. I do not want to know. I could be living with a criminal!!! 

Enjoy your Labor Day. Hope it is safe, happy, and free of tags.   

Best Wishes, Janet + Randy +Tina + Joseph


From Janet's Desk:

Now as far as "my Minnie Pearl", he is terrible about tags.  If I overlook one when he comes into the shop, please point it out to him.  It may actually make him feel better because he has on something new!  I think he cannot actually see the tags except when he making a purchase.  If you have ever known anyone that would agonize over a $10 purchase, spend hours researching the item and reading reviews and still not be able to commit to the purchase for six months - that is Randy. 
I hope everyone has a safe Labor Day.

Happy Quilting!





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