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March Madness Sale

Greetings Quilters,
Hope all is well with you and yours. Janet has a lot to say.   So, ladies first: 
We have alot of information to cover so:
Jennifer  (she usually works Saturdays only) has been in the hospital. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We wish her a speedy recovery.
The new face you may have seen is Vicki. She is still in training. but is a very knowledgable and accomplished quilter. Please join us in welcoming her to Thread Bear Fabrics. 
Block of the Month Programs
We are still signing up for the Windsong BOM.  The Windsong quilt uses 19 ½ yards of Tonga batiks and is designed by Wing and a Prayer Designs.

Quilt Size is 108" x 108"

Registration Fee $25.00 (non-refundable)

Monthly Fee $29.99 plus $7.00 shipping fee if applicable.  We will be posting the first blocks for pick-up next week. 

Backing not included.

A class will be taught by Angie Jacobs for $5.00 per month.


Bumbleberry Pie BOM

The Bumbleberry Pie quilt, designed by Nancy McNalley, will begin in May.  More information about the program will be in a future newsletter.

A Very Coriander Christmas
Corey Yoder has updated this wonderful quilt with her new Christmas line - Starberry.  This line is due in late May and we will offer a BOM starting in June.  More information coming.
Upcoming Classes
Grids Girls Ruler Club

Come join us for a block party! We will be learning new skills with rulers! The next pattern is Stars Over Texas  and uses the Strippy Stars and 6" Log Cabin Trim tools.  This is a two session class. Class Fee for both sessions:  $30.00.

May 4th and June 1st  9:30 am - 11:30  am

Jelly Roll Race

April 13th  - $10 Fee plus materials (see class sign up for supply list).

Randy's Ramblings............
Greetings Quilters!!  Hope all is well with you and yours.
It is momentous day indeed!!  Janet has actually has given tentative approval of my latest idea!! That is sort of scary in itself  – makes me wonder just how much new stuff she has actually ordered that I do not know about?!!    
AHH….. MARCH – St Patrick’s Day, green beer, leprechauns, strong winds, the assignation of Julius Caesar, spring, quilt shows, college basketball –YES BASKETBALL… in March Madness! This year St. Patrick' s Day and Selection Sunday was on the same day.
Now, I know many of you are saying, “Oh not another sports season!  All my husband wants to do is watch the games on TV”.
We here at Thread Bear have heard you – and we feel your pain. “The Bear” has been working tirelessly long arduous hours to somehow integrate your true love – quilting - with something most men enjoy – sports.
In order to promote the family unit, foster unity, awareness, and mutual respect while working to attain a common goal, I would like to announce The Bear’s March Madness sale!
 For those of you who may have been away on Mars for the last month, NCAA college basketball has been churning right along.  Starting in mid March, (March 17th is "Selection Sunday") the supposedly best of the best (68 teams this year) play single elimination games until the men’s National Champion is crowned April 8, 2024 in Glendale, AZ. Being invited to participate has been likened to being asked to the prom. (So is this how high school girls think - "I am the second prettiest girl in school. Except for Gina and she has a zit!  So that makes me #1!   I am going to prom. Just have to find the guy that will spend the most!")

The entire spectacle is known as “March Madness.” Just think of the dessert, "Death by Chocolate", where basketball is the chocolate.
 “Fascinating,” you say “but what has this got to do with quilting?” Well, read on as this is really a “Randy Sale”.
For simplicity’s sake, I have selected the University of North Carolina Tarheels as our team (the choice was entirely random – has nothing to do with the fact I am a NC native and alumni of UNC – purely coincidental!!). I can teach you the words to the fight song, if you are interested. (Just don’t sing it around Janet – she went to that other school - North Carolina State University – BIG RIVIALERY UNC vs. NCSU).   Of course, Janet wanted to know "Why UNC? Why not State?"

My reply, "Well, you want to pick someone that's gong to win!" (One of these day her eyes are going to get stuck like that!)

All humility aside, UNC has made the cut. Currently, we are rated  4th in the nation in the polls. We are the Number 1 seed in the West Region. As of this writing our oponent will be the winner of the Howard / Wagner game. UNC will play one of these teams on Thrusday March 21, 2024 at 2:45 on CBS.  
Now, I would be in "dutch"  with Janet , if I did not acknowledge State's "Cinderella" victories (5wins in 5 days) in the ACC Tournament.  I belive in "Happy wife - Happy life". So, State also made the cut, much to my chagrin, by defeating UNC in the ACC tournament.  NCSU (11) is in East Region and plays Texas Tech (6) at 9:40 PM  March 21, 2024 on CBS.

Now that we are named to post season play – the quilting fun begins – for each game UNC, customers get 5% off your bill!!   Now, unfortunally this discount does not apply to contract items (MAP items - we sign a contractal order to do busniness at the price they determine) - this includes Creative Grids, Tilda, Accuquilt, etc.  
Coupon Code: Score24.  Discount is now set at 5% and will increase by 5% everytime UNC Tarheels win a game.  Sale expires after the crowning of a new champion on April 8th.  Note:  When Carolina loses, then the discount will freeze for the balance of the tournment.
Since it takes 6 wins to be National Champion – you could have a whopping 30% discount!!!! That is the largest discount of the year!!  At the end of each game we will update the coupon code which will become active at midnight.
The only caveat - the sale increase ends with a loss. So, it is a choice. " I can buy this now for 5% off or gamble on the next game and get it at 10% off".  (Sort of like the old "Let's Make a Deal Show" Do you want whats behind curtain #1 or what's in the green box?)
Who knows? Maybe you will after scouring You Tube for the latest Quilting show, you might just slide over to ESPN and check out the latest college basketball injury report.
Your husband, boyfriend, children will be amazed at how multifaceted you have become. You might hear “I never knew” or “I really enjoyed watching the game with you.”

You don’t have to tell them – you already knew you were amazing – it’s good they now have the correct point of view!! 
Now, quilters are a creative lot. I am pretty sure, most fabric designers probably did not have this use for their collections but, hey - this is about winning. With a little work, a splash of imagination, and a few of scraps from your stash - whalaa - a great sports Voodoo Doll.

Just think of how "cute" it would look in Duke, Ucon, Gongaza, or Houston garb with several  2" glass head pins stuck in it! (Did I fail to mention? Not only do we sell a wide aray of great fabric, but we also just happen to sell packs of pins in in varing lengths - extra sharp of course!) 

I have found from experience, on average most teams do not attempt more than 70 shots per game, but if you feel uneasy - just buy several packs of pins! 
Oh, and I also forgot to mention, we have two - not one - but two drop dead gorgeous UNC prints in stock!  Just a passing thought. 
And if all of this is not enough food for thought, here is something for the philosophical - something to ponder - "If God is not a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina Blue?"  (OK Randy enough of the Tarheel sayings!)
The odds of getting a perfect bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (that's 9.2 quintillion). Your odds are better at winning Mega Millions. There is a link to the NCAA Official Mens College Basketball Bracket below. Click on it and you can print a bracket.

Now for quite some time Warren Buffet (one of the richest people in the world and a big basketball fan) has offered 1 million to anyone with a proven perfect bracket - but I have not heard if he is offering the challenge for the 2024 March Madness yet.

Even if you miss out on a cool million - at least you are guaranteed 5% off if  UNC - excuse me - when UNC wins!
For the guys - 
 Guys if you are planning on  watching March Madness games without strife read on:
Guys, its inevitable – just like taxes –if you live with a quilter or a fabriholoic – you are going to be asked-“What do you think? Which looks better? What color goes best?” or some variation on one of these questions.  You may not have solicited it, but here is some free advice:
1.  Think before you engage your mouth. I know it’s hard, but wipe the cobwebs out of your brain and realize what you say affects your quality of life in the very near future.  I can assure you, “I don’t care” is the wrong answer.  “Whatever you think is fine” also just will not cut it. Even putting a platitude like “dear “at the beginning or end of the response is only going to get you the don’t patronize me glare.
2.   Face it, the only way you are going to “see” (maybe I should say enjoy) the 2nd half is to focus for a bit and carefully craft your response.  Now mind, you can’t just use your own words even though the large red paisley print looks like a drop of blood ejected from the vanquished knight’s eye surrounded by the black solid and wisps of gold and fingers of orange remind you of the terrible wrath and power of an evil fire breathing dragon.  If you tell her this, then she is going to take away your cheese puffs and beer and the 2nd half will definitely not be as good as the 1st.
3.  Learn the new language. Point out the colors present and include key words like “focus” , “definition”, “contrast”, “depth”, “perception”, and most definitely “pops”. Maybe even throw in a bit of symbolism – like “Your color selection is terrific – overall it epitomizes the never ending struggle between good and evil. The blacks – the all consuming vastness of evil – the reds and oranges – the battle - the clash of ideas representing diametrically opposed forces in perpetual conflict – and the contrast of the gentle lighter colors – the opposite side of the spectrum – light, hope, - dare I utter it peace. Did you have this in mind when you picked out the colors?”
4. Even though you are ignorant of the meanings and context of anything just said, trust me - she understands all of them. But before she gets too excited and proposes you assist her in designing the next quilt – remind her that you are just a shallow guy with something like   “Gotta go. Second half is starting”  Now is the time for the platitude! As you are walking away toss out “Looks great, honey.”  
Enjoy "The Madness" dude!

Happy Quilting, 
Janet + Randy + Joseph + Tina + Jonna + Jennifer + Vicki
Let the games begin!  Goodluck to all.




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